Wexford GAA 2012

Sad that this is set up in November the previous year but thems the breaks.

Anyway, trials are ongoing at the moment for the hurling team. 50 odd lads played in Craanford yesterday that had not played senior for the county before. According to another forum, Rhys Clarke and a Moore lad from Glynn were impressive along with Ian Byrne, Willie Devereux and Mick O’Hanlon from Horeswood. I saw Ian Byrne on the minor team 2 years ago and thought he was very impressive. The type of midfielder we haven’t had since Fenlon retired but also well able to take his scores and impose himself on a game more than Fenlon used to.

Also, according to SE Radio, Liam Dunne is set to completely disregard the Walsh Cup by lining up an intermediate team to play in the competition. I can understand his thought process but it means he puts a lot of pressure on himself to perform in the league.

Finally, rumour has it down Scalderville way that the Wexford footballers have booked out a particular gym in the town for every Sunday for the next few months, apparently, allegedly, and whatever other words Appendage thinks should be added in here.

Nice one Mac

Would Shane O’Hanlon be anywhere close to making the Wexford team?

Never heard of him chewy*.

Give me some information on him - club, position etc.

  • Apologies to the likes of twiceasnice who’ll be fucking seething that I don’t know this player.

I believe he is the older brother of current Wexford full back Matthew O’Hanlon and plays full forward at club level. i ask this as he once told me he would be on the Wexford senior panel only he was in Liverpool for College at the time and i am interested to know if he was spoofing or not

Matt is an only son with two sisters so your info is off there.

Michael O’Hanlon mentioned above has an older brother Shane but I’ve never heard him mentioned as a decent hurler for intercounty senior.

Shane O’hanlon is the older brother of Micahel o’Hanlon who was on the u21 team defeated in the leinster final v. dublin in 2010. he plays in goal for horeswood football team

he’s ff on the victorious hwood jun hurling team. Ive never really seen him play so i couldnt comment.,.

Apologies, it is a good 18 months since i met him and he told me his brother was on the Wexford 21’s side so presumed it was Matthew

theyre cousins and grandson of the late great Mick O’hanlon who won all irelands with wexford in the 50’s

A county team has booked out a gym? Are they going to do weight training or what? I don’t really care what words are used - it’s the posting of bullshit as fact that has a slightly negative impact on my humour. The word apparently generally prefaces a half baked bit of bullshit picked up second hand from someone in the know.

Havent a clue what they’ll use it for but would assume its along the lines of what you’re thinking. It came direct from an employee there so its as factual as it can be.

A noble thread :clap:

boxing training til the 15th id imagine.

Is the gym still in existence under the stand in the park?

it is count yeah. not much of a gym though in fairness, just a few machines and a good few free weights. enough to pass the time more so than anything and do decent circuit training, but not huge by any means.

I thought that intercounty GAA teams had entered the twilight zone of training bans until after Christmas?

Apparently, allegedly, rumour has it, etc etc

Collective training is banned but players can meet up in groups and do S & C training


I see, when does the embargo on collective training end?

1st of Jan as far as I know