Wexford GAA 2018


Our senior hurlers have their season opening game tonight at home to Carlow in the Walsh Cup.

Is everyone excited about the season ahead?


What date do you the predict the first player to walk away from the panel disenchanted with Davy’s methods?
How many players in total do you predict to walk over the course of the season?


are we counting the lads who played last year who have already walked away and havent committed to this season?


How many haven’t committed


Think there was about 5 or 6 Joe.


Fuck who ?


But ye have plenty to work with?


Fuck you too Joe.

From memory, David Redmond, James Breen, Podge Doran and then a couple of other depth panel subs.

A few to come back in alright


Yeah but she’s off exploring now.


:joy::joy: Dorian




Wexford v Carlow


Team here Joe


Jaysus. Is he looking at any new panelist at all?


Yeah it’s not far off a championship looking team there. Couple of new lads on bench, but nothing majorly exploratory




No point tiring the new lads out early in the season when they’ll be needed later in the summer after all the others have broken down


I think you’ve structured that sentence completely wrong, pal.


Great to see Harry Kehoe get a go in a roving role out around the middle.


I’ll be the judge of that