Wexford GAA 2018


Defences win championships


could well do. Not only staying up, but sneaking into 4th spot as well so through to the quarters


Jimmys staying up! :grin:


Sorry sport I delegate the football tweets as I try convince myself I still play a part… awful game but unreal defensive performance…

Everyone else can Fuck off.


Faythe Harriers 1-17 St Anne’s 3-11. The draw enough for the Anne’s to sneak into the last 8 and Harriers in the purgatory of 5th place and season over. Wily veteran and ex Wexford player David Doc O’Connor sent off on a straight red for the Anne’s near the end after a schemozzle involving John Bridges of the Harriers who also saw red. Doc must be 37 or 38 at this stage. Harriers crept in front after half time with the strong breeze but Anne’s kept pegging them back with goals. A Harriers goal late on looked to be enough but the Anne’s responded with another goal at the death.


Good to see him finally showing a bit of aggression.


I see the bold buff Egan made an appearance at it.


Sad to see a Wexford legend being treated this way. I’m sure Doc was targeted by sneaky townies, trying to get oppositions best player sent off.
If there is any common sense the red card will be overturned, given what that man has done for his county.


Just caught Buff’s highlights of the sending off incident. Hadn’t realised the young Harriers lads pucked the head off Doc like that.


Done to his county more like.


John any relation to Paul?


Must be nearly the same age as yourself pal. Happy birthday in the coming days.


Wexford Park must be the biggest field in Ireland. Buff reckoned Chin hit a free from 130 yards out and he wasn’t even inside his own 45 :clap:


Quarter Final draw
Naomh Eanna vs St Annes
Oilgate vs Shels
Rapparees vs Rathnure
St Martins vs Ferns

1st time since the 90’s that Oulart haven’t made the quarter finals/


How did Glynn end up in relegation? Less points scored?

Incredible finale to that group.


Gaa Rulebook. Oulart scored more.


Lads whats the craic with Rathnure? Have they improved on previous seasons or are oulart now poor? Can Rathnure beat the Rapps? Also see Guiney hurled center forward for them.


I heard hed got wed.
Actually I’m certain. He left the clergy and is happily married. Shame on @bandage for this startling lack of basic hurling knowledge. I’m sure his friend the sports journalist in waiting could have put him straight.


Iggy Clarke’s been married for years ffs sake and was never a clergy man. I’d often see him and the missus around Wexford when he’s not working hard to further his electrician business. Actually does anyone know why his son Rhys the ex Wexford U21 player wasn’t hurling for the Harriers this season?


Audit trail.