Wexford GAA 2018


In fairness, he did more in the 90 seconds I watched there than he did for Wexford all season.


Very well taken goal by the chubby number 21 at the end


Take that video down before lads from other countries realise this is our senior championship…


Is Bandage hurling again?




Didn’t look that bad. Plenty of good scores. Judging by highlights there must have been a gale as all the scoring was done into one goal and Chin pointed a free from his own 45. Number 15 for Buffers Alley (blue helmet) looked a serious hurler. Who is he?


That’s Andrew Kenny. He was on the Wexford U21 team in that Leinster winning period from 2013-15 and highly rated initially as a defender. He was converted to a hard working, deep foraging wing forward at one stage and think he was wing forward in the final hiding against Limerick in 2015. Not close to the club scene these days but the Alley must be playing him corner forward.


The 2 goals were quality finishes and the point from the sideline was brilliant. Equally adept striking off both sides too and has a bit of speed. Looks to have plenty of potential.


Is Willie Maher managing/coaching in Wexford?


He is


They’ve made a few improvements to Wexford Park I see


That’s Bellefield, bro.


What club?


Faythe Harriers


Harriers’ management resigned after shipping a heavy beating in first championship group game in April. Think I’m right in typing that Willie Maher is married to ex Irish hockey international and Wexford town native Linda Caulfield. Her brother Darren is a club stalwart, was on county senior winning team in 2001 and now heavily involved in underage coaching set up. Maybe this was the link that the brought Maher to the club but I’m not sure on that.


Was it Maher who resigned or who’s over them now?


Iggy Clarke and co resigned earlier this season.

Willie Maher has taken over. They would have been in the relegation final but for that 12-point comeback against the Alley. That was their first win in the fourth group game of five.

Now they’ve a last group game against St Anne’s and winner makes top 4 and a place in the quarter finals, probably against the top team in the other group.


Is Iggy still a priest?




looked on twitter there to see updates on the last round of the senior games. St James’ and Starlights showing as 6 points each but had no update for 20 minutes so thought that @count_of_monte_crist had gone asleep at the wheel. But no, just updated then with them going a point up. 7-6. 20 minutes of the second half with no score for either side. Sounds like a cracker! They wont care if they get the win though. Gusserane beating Taghmon well so looks like they’ll be facing the might of the townies.