Wexford GAA 2018


Relegation final tonight with him in charge of Taghmon against Sarsfields so. :eek:


big game alright. Taghmon had been missing a few lately and are going well in the hurling too.


Will John Carton be lining out for ye this year?


taghmon 5 up at the half…neither club twitter account covering it so relying on Dan Brosan


Murphy Flood’s Hotel. Did they ever rebuild it after it burned down?


No. It was cleared out a few years back and is a car park now. Was the only way the council could make their rates off it.


Taghmon 1-11 Sarsfields 1-4 has turned into 1-12 to 3-9 within 10-15 minutes of second half. Into latter stages now…


Goooooooaaaaaaalllllllllllll Saaaaarrrrrrsssssss.

4-9 to 1-12.


The relegation final specialists do it again.

4-9 to 1-12. FT.

Chin scored a screamer after a run from halfway apparently.

Up the Butters. :heart::yellow_heart:


Last 3 scores were goals by Eoin Roche, Chin and Roche again. Unbelievable scenes by two accounts. Commiserations to Jason Ryan’s Taghmon-Camross.


Town teams just have that never say die spirit


Congrats bud. There was strong talk Chin wouldnt be there because of some charity walk or other in the town this evening. Glad to hear he played. Roche is a decent young footballer too. Can be raw, but very effective. Bad couple of weeks for Taghmon, so close to going through to the quarters, to being relegated. They have a decent young team so should be very near the top in Intermediate next year anything, particularly seeing how well Horeswood are going there this year.


+1. Soft muldoons rolled over and had their bellies tickled in the end.


Anti-Chin agenda.


Highlights of the big relegation final. Recorded on a potato judging by the quality of the video


Is that Jason Ryan in the blue top running up the line in sync with Sars moving the ball forward for the second goal and backwards running off the field during the fourth goal?


Looks like it alright.




Never beaten except for the 5 games in the group both this year and last year.

Fine result for the Clonard/Vols/Marys/Sars combo.