Wexford GAA 2019


Footballers pumped by 13 points in Division 4.

That’s about as low as I can remember us sinking, even going back to Leinster round robin days in the mid 1990s and old Division 4 days when I was a child in the 1980s.

The County Board were pretty dishonest in confirming McLoughlin as manager in late 2017. Presumably mindful of his low profile and fact it would come across as a low key appointment, they said an experienced and high profile backtoom team would be announced once the people involved had finished up their club commitments.

As far as I can tell, no such appointments were made and the County Board was scrambling around last year looking for volunteers to come on board for things like statistics, kit and equipment.

What gives @Gman?


Daveys expenses have to be paid somehow


They pumped a shit load of money into football last year.


But but but the footballers were away from home in the hostile enviorns of Pairc Sean MacDiarmada ( Avantcard park) facing a new look Leitrim outfit financed by gargantuan multiples of US $…
Throw in the management skills of Terry Hyland, threatening local supporters and a few above D4 opponents and yer goose is cooked…
I wouldn’t give up just yet. Call it an aberration of sorts. It can’t always be Summer.


For little or no results. The new performance based investment kicked in this winter


I know you’re taking the piss but Davy is after making a fortune for Wexford believe it or not.


Honestly? What Davy has done is sucked every bit of good will that hurling supporters have and lumped it all on this one trick pony. Yes the financials will show a profit this year but the problem is in 3 or 4 years when you go back to the same guys looking for more money for the next messiah. That is when the shit hits the fan. Davy is a modern day snake oil merchant.


Attendances, prize money are all up.

Don’t be so negative.


Lads do we have much done to previous years does anyone know? Davy needs to blood a good few of the younger players… Casey, Joe o Connor, Darren Byrne to name a few…
I was listening to SER sports hour yesterday evening and was sickened to hear Davy talk up the sweeper system… he also said if James Breen was fit he’d start him next week v cork with Ryan suspended. Why do that when we have a good up and coming full back in Darren Byrne?

Conclusions from his interview is that sweeper is here to stay and Kevin Foley is the sweeper. MOH is not an option at full back because he’s too slow.


See above


Why didn’t ye fuckers give us a guard of honour at the weekend?


To irk you I suspect.


It did irk me


Would you like to talk about that?


Yes, I think it was very rude of them not to do it


Would you rank it higher or lower than breaking Kirbys finger?




In terms of rudeness, would it be higher or lower than Hayes breaking yer mans jaw in a mickey mouse exhibition?


This may be of interest to ye lads


The Wexford jersey.