Wexford GAA 2019


Nowlan Park before the development started :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Christy sent for Martin Quigley in between singing the Hucklebuck. Quigley scored 2-2 against Kilkenny in the semi final before Offaly broke our hearts in the Leinster Final. That Leinster Final was a proper heart break because we couldn’t be beaten.

I remember the Biffos had assigned Pat Delaney the job of stopping George. The was a big feature in the paper with pictures of Pat and George. The match was like watching a car crash unfolding. I remember leaving the Cusack while some Biffo was lofting Bob O’Keeffe.

Great days all the same.

Can’t place Ray Murphy at all.


Think in 88 final we missed a penalty and one of Offaly goals came from a mishit puck out
One that was left behind
Was Ray Murphy from Cushinstown?


Paul Nolan had a shocker in goal in that 1988 Leinster Final. Never featured again. Seamie Firzhenry got a great goal. Think it got goal of the year.


Davey out


Davy still doing a very good job. Got a lot of flak for losing marginally to the best team in the country last week for some reason


You’d want to be trying something daring like drawing with Carlow to get any credit round here.


Yeah, a bearded guy from Cushinstown if I recall correctly. Haven’t watched that clip in full yet so maybe the beard is very clearly shown in it.


When Niall Quinn famously scored 3-5 v Wexford in 1983 Leinster minor final, i think Ray Murphy notched a similar high score for Wexford.

Neither player fulfilled their undoubted potential, but at least Murphy went on to play senior for his county.


Signing in from Ruislip
Need win to keep any promotion hopes alive


Wexford lead 0-6 to 0-5 at half time after playing with a very stiff wind
Great chance for London to get a win now


London 2-11 Wexford 0-8. FT.



London completely deserved it.
London looked a well drilled team (even if that involves endless hand passing of the ball), Wexford didn’t look like any real plan.
We could be a while in division 4


Worst ever league result for the footballers? combined with Waterford knocking them out of the championship last year…


And it by one of your own as well


Deely is good in fairness, he was interviewed for the Wexford job last time round, but just couldn’t commit





I don’t get the Kermet joke.

Please explain.


Are we getting trolled by London ?
Poor form if so