Wexford GAA 2019


What was Wexford starting 15? Was it the same that was announced during the week? I heard there were changes to the team to what was announced.



A few changes to starting 15
Very dissapointing display



Getting pumped by Leitrim and London by 13 and 9 points respectively is getting into the territory of the management team’s position being untenable. Although removing them or asking them to leave is a bit SOCCER.



What a shambles of a post by Wexford GAA in every which way:

“Wasn’t the result the Wexford Senior Footballers traveled to London for, just fell flat on the day, but we have a big home game against Waterford in 2 weeks time, A game which management and team will have full confidence to redeem themselves after yesterday’s defeat to London. Yesterday’s Game is over and done with, there’s 26 plus deadicated Wexford players on this team that dont go out to loose so lets give them a bit of positive support and turn up in Innovate Wexford Park Sunday week 24th #SupportWexfordFootball



A big home game against Waterford :rofl:
Clash of the Titans.



Is our Social Media run by an outreach program of some sort?



Sent home with your tea in a frog.

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I see on the Wexford GAA Twitter account that John Harrington died
A real servant to Wexford football when we were at low ebb.
Sad news



It’s incredibly sad and shocking about John Harrington. He was only 51. A really great player and leader, and a very nice fella too.

I practically lived in Wexford Park growing up and a lot of my childhood memories are of games where he was midfield for Sarsfields or Wexford.

I don’t think he was on the Sars senior panel for their last county title in 1984 (presumably too young), but he was the “most capped” Sars player ever with over 100 appearances for Wexford. He was on at least two losing Sars sides in county finals (1987 and 1993). He was brilliant in the 1993 replayed final against Kilanerin anyway.

He was a county minor in 1985 and I recall being at the Leinster U21 Final trilogy of games versus Offaly in 1988 with my family where he was midfield too. A Wexford senior from 1987 to 1999 when there wasn’t much to shout about.

I remember being on the sideline for this game in Wexford Park against Meath in 1989.

More renowned as a footballer, it’s almost forgotten that he captained the Harriers to their most recent Wexford senior hurling title in 2001 as a wily 34-year veteran and physical presence in midfield.

Last game for Wexford in 1999 below.

Only a few weeks after Scott Doran passed away at 44 too. I can’t believe it. RIP.



Sad to realize that John and Scott would have played together on same Wexford team for a good few years.
John was always a favorite of mine when watching Wexford back then, a proper old school midfielder.



Great post.

John was aa brilliant footballer and decent sort. He played midfield a lot with Greg Waters, two huge men in the middle from a bygone era. I remember that meath game with the 4 quarters. Think there was a hand passing rule then too?

Played against John a few times too. I’ll always remember one time, probably my first time, our juniors were in a county final against the vols and sars were in a relegation senior final. We played in a challenge game that we won. I scored a fair bit and he came up to me after and said “make sure you play as well next week and beat them cunts.” Both of us won our respective finals anyway. other games at senior championship we played were tougher, both of us hovering around relegation, but he was always a very fair and honest tough player and very magnanimous after.




@Bandage, I may have asked this before but is/was Dan Harrington, John’s father / uncle / any relation?



He is John’s da. Poor Dan. :cry:

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Soldiered around Wexford Park on many days when there was probably more stewards and players than fans. It awful really when you think a bit about it.



Dan was part of the backroom team for the footballers for years.

John was a really decent sort of fella. Wife died a while back. They’ve had enough pain.

Was quite shaken this morning when I heard it.



I miss the dressing rooms in the far corner of Wexford Park at the Clonard End. Mick Corish with the keys, checking the passes and preventing lads from blagging in for free under the guise of being involved with one of the teams. Dan Harrington would always be knocking around with a friendly word for everyone. The great Brendan Furlong with pen and notebook in hand at the top of the tunnel, waiting to nab a team official to get the team lineups. Great days. We’re getting old unfortunately.



That’s a lovely story



The worst coached wexford team i have ever seen. Fuckin hell



This is surely untenable now.

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A fucking shambles. Is that bottom of division 4 now? That’s some serious fall. Considering the very little difference in costs between hurling and football set ups, there is some serious difference in the return and effort of both squads