Wexford GAA 2023

Galway don’t know what they’ve let themselves in for

They had Rory O’Connor and Mark Fanning advertising the green jersey. It’ll only be worn the once by the footballers against London.

Lads,who is the former Wexford player who had 220k stolen from a safe in his house in the enniscorhy area?

Greg Jacob.




He wasn’t a player.

The park was some kip.


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He was a referee. I was only talking to him at a match before Christmas and he was in jovial mood. You’d have to feel very sorry for him even if he was a bit naive.

Why bother?


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From childhood memories the jacks weren’t for the faint hearted :face_vomiting:

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I heard that :flushed:

Phillip Wallace was meant to give up his football review this week? Any word on it?

The hurlers game challenge game vs Waterford tomorrow night is on in Ferns at 7.30 according to the people.

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Will there be a light show?

Cheers pal :+1:t2:

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At least John was able to squeeze in a few Kilanerin lads…

The London team, anyone know much about them? Enda Lynn played for Derry and Cahir Healy is from @myboyblue neck of the woods, both are getting on a bit now.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be that confident about the footballers chances this year

Be no bother to Cahir, I wouldn’t like to see him coming towards me anyway