Wexford GAA 2023

What sport dominates? Soccer and rugby?

Leinster senior football final. The day we lost to the Dubs by 3. Coming so soon after a Leinster U21 title it was hard to imagine such lean times on the horizon back then.

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The day Masterson punched the ball in off the back of Molloy’s head. Painful. Although the 2010 loss in ET was worse

Rats’ brain fart resulted in Graeme being the 6th or 7th top scorer for Dublin that season.

They’re gone shit at soccer too. I dont follow the local leagues much, but Ross Celtic were always a decent side, but they are down in the third tier or so now and rarely hear of them or Ross town doing much underage either. Rugby probably takes a bit, but it seems, without much indept knowledge of it, that a lot of rural boggers go in and play so doubt it takes too much of the gaa population potential. A lot of social issues in the town and youd see the types on the facebook nosey neighbours page. Thats probably a bigger issue than competing sports

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Matty Forde putting pride over intelligence and garryowening the ball cost us in that one. But he shouldn’t have been playing.

Nice way of saying it’s a shithole and it’s getting worse


Ah the town itself isnt bad, hard to give a makeover to the residents tho…

It looks nice … but when is the last time you’ve saud to yourself ‘Ross would be good craic for a night out’?

The quays look nice. The other 90% looks shite


Before they burned down the colliseum?

Did a 12 pubs in 2004 that ended in The Dunbrody. Def last time I was out there.

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A glutten for punishment.

Its the hope that will kill you.


Game delayed by 10 minutes due to traffic congestion

Box office

Should all games in Leinster be delayed 10 minutes also?

They shoud really. We’ll know now before this one finishes if we need to win or not

Anthony Kearns has blown the roof off the stand here. I was so emotional & lost in the moment I don’t even know if it was Boolavogue or Boys of Wexford.


Twas Boolavogue as the team came out. Spine tingling stuff.

I’m not there but Buff Egan is

You look lonely up there bandage