Wexford GAA 2024

Not a great view of the pitch from the new Chadwicks Wexford Park corporate boxes.


The funny thing is, the new seats are far superior to the ones in Old Trafford…


Ah Jaysus

If you’re perusing this week’s Wexford People & you continue on past the picture of Wexford’s elite entrepreneurs, stick fighters, horse botherers, bog ballers, fun runners & industry titans in our 25-year school reunion picture then you’ll get to the sport pages. It’s mentioned here that O’Hanlon & Devitt played the challenge match against Laois last weekend, Donohoe & Dunbar got more game time after returning recently but the likes of Rory O’Connor & Liam Ryan are still a bit away.

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Hey pal

We’ve a private thread now like the Limericks incase we need to post sensitive information.

My god the world is fucked.

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