Wexford V Kilkenny Leinster S.H.C Semi Final, 7pm Saturday 10th June, Innovate Wexford Park

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This should be a great can davy send Kk to the back door hon davy

We couldn’t live with them in the League, I can’t see it being any different here

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Ah man series

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We’ll do well to be within 5 of them at the end.

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Wex will win handy.

Be just hoping for a good draw in the qualifiers

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After a couple of of days up in the Marble and what I’ll say is we are fucked. Lump on Wexford, fill your boots lads

I heard from a man close to the WX camp, they will not be beaten.


This is Kk Wexford coudnt beat a shambles of a tip side

This is like a 90s throwback match. 1996 revisited…

It would be nice to see Kk beat everything wide open then

Everything is wide open already.

True but Kk tip Limerick dub cork all in the back door

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And Clare.

We are in the quarter finals

That’s still the back door, mate.


The side door is it?