A postmistress was shot in the arm and her son was shot in the leg in an armed raid in Oulart, Co Wexford, this morning.

Four raiders, one armed with a shotgun, entered Sean Og’s shop and post office just before 10am today.

They shot the postmistress, a woman in her sixties in the leg before making off with a small amount of cash. They also shot her son, in his thirties who works in the shop, in the leg.

They were taken to Wexford General hospital by ambulance but neither are described as having life-threatening injuries

A five-mile cordon has been set up around the village and a wider search is also under way

Wishing a speedy recovery to Mrs Dempsey and son.

A rare case of accurate shooting in Wexford.

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At least they didn’t die, unlike Omagh…


Scum, sub-human scum.

That may be so BT, but doesn’t mean they deserved to be shot


Is there any good casinos in Wexford town???

There is a casino in Wexford town. I wouldn’t call it good though. The Quay Casino overlooking Wexford Bridge.

Someone said a new one called mint is there recently,i’m going up for a stag go in July so was on the look out for somewhere else bar the pub to blow my wages!

Is newbay still open?

There may well be. I’m in Wexford for U21 hurling tonight so will find out and report. Back up to Dublin then tomorrow for a dinner party in my apartment.

No, it closed down late last year. Said they couldn’t afford to keep it going.

Nice one appreciate it dude,enjoy the dinner!

twiceasnice would be proud of you.

Bandage - will you post some updates on the game on one of the threads here this evening please?

Yep, I’ll update on the Wexford GAA thread all going well.

Bandage any word on the casino situation dude??

Ah yes. There is indeed a Mint Casino after opening up on the South Main Street. It’s at the site of the former Goal Bar according to my source. Not much goes on in the south end though. The hilariously termed ‘strip’ and the main night venues and the Quay Casino itself are all up at the other end of the town.