What age are you?



28 going on 40

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before but:


Old enough to know better.

janey mac im nearly 40

Thanks for letting me know


I remember Euro 88 handy enough.

more mary jane than janey mac…

Not with that big thick head on you you’re not

I’m very mature looking for my age, pal.

Sure that tells us nothing. @Sidney can remember games from years before he was born.

I wish you posted more braz


I couldn’t escape it with the boring stories my father constantly told. A particular favourite of his was reciting Jimmy Magee’s radio commentary of Sean Drea’s Olympic rowing final in 1976 that he listened to while watching Dublin play Meath in the 1976 Leinster footbal final. I’ll stop there. It’s best for everybody.

How very rob heffernan of you

My 1st. Croke Park visit was the AIFC finals of 1956 - Leitrim lost the minor final. It was memorable I suppose for the scoring feats of Galway’s Frank Stockwell (2-05) off play.
My abiding memory however rermains on the display of 2 Galway players - Mattie MacDonagh and Sean Purcell. Boxty Mór had alerted me to Purcell in advance and indeed I’d seem him the year before. His ability to leap from a quasi-standing position and come away, pirouetting of the standing foot was only replicated in my time by the kegendary Packy McGarty. On a sad note, as I eulogise Sean Purcell, he was, on that day in '56, once out-fielded by a Cork defender. I might ask @caoimhaoin but before I’m contradicted, the fielder was Denis Bernard from Dunmanway. Paddy Harrington (father of Pawdrig) found The Master an handfull.

I’ve seen Purcell have lesser days, notably in '59, when without any formidable help, Kevin Coffey curtailed his influence, but by then Galway had waned. To this day, however, Sean Purcell remains the greatest all-round footballer I’ve seen.

Fuck me, when I saw the TFK screen bleeper winkie thing hopping and looked further at the results, I realised the that event was almost 60 years ago. I’m getting more aderpt aT this internet shit. Purcell remains the greatest I’ve seen. His ability to be a ball-winner, distributor and fiinisher stands him up on a plateau above the challengers:

I’m less 78 all the same…