What mobile phone do you have?

Nokia 6110 about a year old

Nokia 6124 (Work) got it last month

Both good phones, might get a Tocco though, I’m due an upgrade

Have a Tocco. Like the Gaeilge function, like plenty of things about it. Used to like the touch screen, it’s annoying the fuck out of me now.

Nokia E51. Best phone I’ve ever had.

Got a new iPhone, takes a bit of getting used to

never gave a shite about phones, normally use them till they die, but when the last one died got an E51 and its a great job.

Exact same phone as you Mac, great phone.

What he said.

Do you both have a rota as to who uses it or how does it work?

Wow, just read through the rest of the thread, its all about the E51 in here!

I’ve to get rid of this feckin E51 Muldoon phone!

ive 6300 … piece of shite in bits … stopped workin for a while last summer when in states… but till it dies or i can afford a new one itll do

would love to get a n95

The E51 is class. Use it for emails as well as can’t stand them Blackberry yokes. Battery life is fairly rubbish but sure thats the same with most phones now. I’m on my second one now after the first one got “moisture damaged”


Nokia E61. Quality phone in my opinion

ie fell into a pint

That’s one make above the E51, you sir are King of the Muldoons!

I’m a bit like HangBlaa in that I don’t give a shit about phones. I have a phone that says Nokia on it. As for what model of Nokia it is, I don’t have a clue. I’ll have to see if I still have the box and check what numbers are written on it.

Check the battery.

Thats the thing that powers it tech head.

Do you own an Aran jumper as well Ben??

I own an Aran cardigan yes.http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u55/BJ_BOBBI_JO9/Work job computer TV and phone related/hillbilly.gif