Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?

They must have settled on £249,000. I hope he works every day of the school holidays.

I’d expect a heartfelt public message from Tubs

“Hosting that show is an honour/privilege……pass the metaphorical batton….Gay Byrne…audience was my second family….look after them, they are the best of us…I read books….Yours Ryan”


Listening to Rising Time this morning made me wonder, is Maxi still alive?

Turned on the car radio earlier (for a necessary journey) & my life partner had switched the dial to Q102 since I was last driving. Some lad was wittering on about The Beatles & his favourite album of theirs. “Who’s this painfully annoying cunt?”, I said to myself after around 43 seconds of his musings. And then came the realisation, it was 2023 COTY silver medalist Ryan Tubridy with his weekend syndicated show all the way from London, England.


Wikipedia says she’s still alive. Will be 74 in February. Retired on her 65th birthday. Haven’t heard much of her since actually.

Think she got into ice-cream manufacturing when she left RTÉ.

The week that the biggest earners in RTE is published, Claire Byrne takes another few days off. Unrale.

Brigids Day just passed and the misogynists are hard at it.

Listened to an enthralling interview held by Claire with Michael O’Leary earlier in the week, it was outstanding. I don’t give two shits what gender the chosen presenters are, just turn up and do your job. Stop taking 50* days a year off.

*maybe more, maybe less.

Is it written into her contract or is she taking sick days or what?
Some people get more holidays than others like :man_shrugging:

True. Some contract if that is the case. Tubs got pelters when he was in his role, but to be fair to him, he was in all the time.

“I like her, but”

Misogyny 101.

‘I like her butt’

Misogyny 102.

Great name for a radio station in fairness


Bobby Kerr is still on the radio. He is brutal


How does he still have a show,like who listens to him?His listenership must be tiny.One of the worst shows on the wireless.


Probably afraid to let him go in case he brings some grievance over his throat issues. Feel sorry for him but he’s unlistenable at times

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Its mad really. Unfortunate what happened him but talk about not having a voice for radio. He hardly needs the money being a ex Dragon? Maybe he does…

Creedon hosting the traditional music awards tonight.

Serious political statement there

Fuck the Po-leece?