Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?

I read it as Shaun O’Dowd and Ding a Ling



She also has a habit of sighing to herself when the guest is speaking.

I dunno have you heard him pronounce the word Eireann? It’s very bizzare but maybe its a dialect thing.

Met He-ayrann

Ais o Reilly been hacked

You will presumably have missed them interviewing some blogger/podder this evening about his two-hour long baths then. It was essential radio.

A little Stockton’s Wing medley by John Creedon there.

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He had a shite one on after it though. Some song from Hanrahan brothers from Clare. Jaysus it was an outrageous rip off of some song I can’t quite remember the name of.

Pat Kenny off on another rant about not allowing cars into the city centre. Full of scenarios and what would I do in this or that situation. Pat showing little concern for air quality ornother road users, as usual.

Louise Duffy axed I heard… Thought she was a good fit and liked her taste in music.

An extra hour for Claire?

Her taste might have been too adventurous for the listeners.

I have been tuning in lately and found her quite good. Such a pity.

seems i misread a headline lads… panic over.

it was her axing at Today FM the article referred to.



She’s on the front cover of this week’s RTE Guide. Seems fairly incongruent they’d be doing that if she was for the chop.

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i was wrong on the internet

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TBF it would be just about expected for RTÉ to put her on the cover of the Guide the same week they would go and axe her.

Sigh, Amateur hour. I was thinking she’d be unlucky to be axed twice.

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