Whats the Point of Cornoation Streets Two Shops?

Coronation street has two shops. The Kabin run by Rita and Norris and the Corner shop run by dev that used to be run by Alf Roberts. A small street like that hardly neeeds two shops. Did each shop have its loyal regulars. Would you see characters comparing the prices of the two shops? Answers here please.

Isnt one a newsagent and the other a grocer? Its been a while since I’ve watched mind you. Is that Dev fella still there or has he gone ballobas on the coke?

The psycho bird that he was doin’ was savage I thought…

Ritas just sells newspapers, magazines and penny sweets etc…

Dev sells grocerys. You’d often see that Dev lad drinking about Dublin (by often I mean I saw him twice)

I suppose Rita has the post office built in to hers but surely the oldies on the street will be loyal to her. You dont want to be seen in Devs shop. The Better shop is the Kabin.

Prove it fookface.

Rita giving that Chesney kid a clip around the ear. She dosent take any shit from anybody.

Point proven.

As long as you’re not being racist against Dev.

Dont get me started on the Bookmakers in Corrie. A lost docket issue involving Jack was handled in a non professional way.

The in laws are down so we’ve Corrie on. How is this still a thing :joy:

Some wan pretended she had a baby and she is on the run from the police and shes back now trying to get fella she was pretending she had a baby with to go with her. He’s going with her now anyway, even though she’s clearly a psychopath. And she’s pregnant now again, but he doesn’t know

:open_mouth: I hope you’re tanning the :beers: having to watch that

Sally Webster still going strong, getting married again

I’ve gotten back into Coronation Street in a big way during the pandemic. I wouldn’t be bothered with Netflix or any of that stuff.


Leanne has aged a bit. You still would though

Oh he’s dobbed her in, mugged her right off

I would say a large proportion of posters here would have ‘given’ a few years as regular/semi regular watchers of this back in our day. Surely zero youngish men would watch it now. Their loss. Have the puffy gillet wearing cunts any shared cultural reference points at all at all.


Maria is still an absolute ride :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I would have watched it somewhat against my will growing up in the days before there were two televisions or internet in a home. Was it always as overly contrived and dramatic as it seems to have become? Don’t think it was always that aside from the odd cliff hanger which it would build up to

Soaps would have been popular enough student/share house fare in the pre internet days too. Eastenders was usually more dramatic and over the top. You used to get the odd lunatic(always women the types who texted into Ray darcys fix it Friday and loved snow patrol) who’d watch every soap. Neighbours home and away corrie Eastenders fair City brookside)

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Home and away was class though