What's your favourite sandwich filling?

Ham, Tomato, mayonaisse, Tabasco sauce. Tinfoil. Heavenly.

Turkey, cheese, coleslaw, a small bit of butter, optional cucumber. Used to be heavenly but it’s about 6 years since I had a different sandwich so it’s starting to become boring.

Cajun chicken, swiss cheese, coleslaw, lettuce.

I thank you.

mushy salad sambos ie - eggs tomatoe lettuce and ham all chopped finally and mixed in mayo before been put into sandwich

my lunch sandwich filling of late choice is
chicken tikka with lettuce and cheese

a roll with two sausage rolls and brown sauce

ala su shop in ul for 1.60 but subsitute the brown sauce for ketchup

swiss cheese, mushrooms & beef: toasted

lovely stuff

all jokes aside, hot chicken lettuce mayo and a bit of cheese is hard bet

Mature white cheddar, thickly sliced.
Decent ham.
Black Pepper.

Hrmph hrmph hrmpph.

Add a bit of red onion and you’ve got yourself a great feed there.

Hot chicken fillet.

Grated cheddar cheese.




Id usually have Potato salad,cheddar cheese,mayo,scallions and a good bit of ham.Potato salad is the business.I love egg salad too but ill only eat it if im making it up mesef,i wouldnt trust egg salad from a retail outlet of any kind.

buffalo mozzarella, basil ,sun dried tomatoes & prosciutto crudo di parma on Pane di Genzano

You beat me to it. :clap:

Smoked ham, gruyere cheese and relish(usually ballymaloe but currently onion relish). Has to be brown bread too, preferably with seeds in.

Thats a pizza,we’re talking about sandwich’s here horse :rolleyes:

you have the palate of a rapist


Add some stuffing into the mix and you have perfection!

How was your jolly, mate??

:smiley: its the scallions that are giving it away i suppose…