What's your favourite sandwich/roll?

If I’m getting a roll I will invariably get bacon, grated cheese and coleslaw with a scrape of butter. If a sandwich, ham, tomato and coleslaw. €3 in Centra on Charlemont Street in Dublin 2 served up by a lovely Brazilian girl.

What do you get?

Are you serious?

I like a nice hot beef roll. If a sandwich i often get tuna/sweetcorn, tuna/cucumber etc. I’d often eat a ham sandwich too with lettuce (not iceberg) and tomatoe. Funny enough, i never get cold chicken in a sandwich, ever. I will very occasionally have a hot chicken roll but i don’t really like them…

You think I’m fucking with you?

I’m not fucking with you.

I’d be the same as regards chicken. Hate the idea of chicken in a sandwich.

No place for wraps? What about hollowed out baguettes?

The place where i got my beef roll earlier was actually in a big speciality butchers and they had a sort of hot food counter to the side. They also did hot pork rolls and had homemade stuffing, apple sauce etc, the works. I was tempted to get that too and spent some time mulling over my decision, i will probably return for the pork roll tomorrow. It looked amazing too…


The french and their wonderful cuisine.

My favourite sandwich varies from day to day.
I do like a spicy hot chicken wrap with tomatoes and lettuce.

a knuckle sandwich


All time favourite would be Turkey breast and mozzerella, heated with mayo on a hero. Beautiful!

The one I described on the Ravenous thread is what I’m getting these days in either a panini or a wrap.

Pastrami with swiss on turkish bread with some mustard, toasted.

Even though I wouldn’t be a massive fan of the place, the Italian BMT in Subway is savage with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, cheese and mayo.

It’s really really nice

FFS, Subway, ye fucking peasants. :rolleyes:

Anything from Hemingway’s in Ballsbridge. Simple as that.

Subway is the job :clap:

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It’d be a toss up between the honey oat and Italian herbs and cheese as to what roll I’d have.

Bagel. Balymaloe Relish, Brie, Parma Ham and Gherkins. Job Done.

Ooh, classy

A toasted ciabatta with chicken tikka, guacamole, salsa, grated cheddar and coleslaw