Whatsapp as gaeilge, ‘Big Gaeilge’

She’s not from Wexford so wouldn’t be into that crack.

You’re at nothing if you don’t have that turned off. I presume you know you can turn off ‘last online’ too

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The Romanian match fixers prefer if I leave my ‘last online’ turned on.


We’re due another tip off soon surely are we?

I can steer you in the directions of the Russians if you wish.

Cc @Chucks_Nwoko

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Yes, I would like that. Slava Rossiya :ru:

Can you vet him? Specifically lockdown periods. Cheers.

What a dickhead


I’d say the neighbour hiding down the kitchen fucking beaming!!


Could be worse. It could have been a bank of turf he footed.


It has just come to my attention that ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ will run from March 1st to March 17th. It’s a fucking poor show when you’re reduced to this. Cannot somebody re-title the event as Coicíse na Gaeilge or something more appropriate. A 16 day event being flogged as a week is just wrong.

Cá bhfuil an ábhar ‘ag lorg @Juhniallio’……


Nìl ach dhà uair fàgtha… oooh sceitimìnì… tà sè cosùil le oìche Nollag anseo…

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Lovely video doing the rounds from Daly’s Supervalu in Killarney

An Indian WhatsApped me today from his PC. Never knew there was such a think. Easy enough setup if you had long messages or whatever.

“How” I’ll get my coat

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Whatsapp web.

An unbelievable game changer if you need to share files etc from your laptop

No, Kalpesh, the other type on Indian. The curry type.

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