When was the last time you did drugs


Fuck up. Who ever has taken the stuff obviously took shite stuff at some stage. If I’m to get it now at least I’d know its half decent. Amsterdam is good crac


I found a bag of coke on the ground in the jacks in Mickey Martins about 6 years ago… About 2 grams in it… Made two lines and split it with a mate and hovered it up … I was off my fits for about an hour . I can only imagine what stuff 50/60% is like.


I wasn’t knocking you mate, just concerned about the quality of what’s around here. I couldn’t give a fuck about what you put up your nose.


If it was rat poison wed be dead. Plenty of other shite mixed with it though the mixing stuff is a business sure.


A great pub. Do you miss it?


Ah here ffs, so you snorted a gram in one line?


Ah… I’m getting to the stage where out bores me… But yeah, Limerick is just far more accessible and handier to navigate. Often leads to impromptu pints.


No problem pal. If I was to get it, it would be someone that I know/trust. You’d want your head examined to be buying off some lad in a pub/club


… I was off my fits for about an hour .

Sounds like it was anti epilepsy medication you found


Limerick v Offaly in 94 levels of meltdown


The irony is that @AppleCrumbled is probably balls deep in one or possibly two French weemin he met on the Web. The most righteous amongst us are still fighting our utterly irrelevant corners and claiming that a little bit of white powder procured from south America would be impossible.
I know which looks the greater miracle from where I’m sitting.


Christ I’m flat out with this Papal visit trying to make sure the most recent reincarnation of Johnny Adair doesn’t shoot the poor man and my beloved TFK is trying to draw me into this seedy affair.

I’d most certainly be looking into this further if @AppleCrumbled was a Cork cunt and a Rugby man but he has credit in the bank with me. In the interests of Limerick GAA unity on this board, no further investigation shall be carried out. @rocko can rest easy.

I’ve a fair idea who Apple is now though, due to the watch.


Gwan and plant a wee bit of coke on Francis. Just for a laugh


Being South American, we’d have to get some of the 80% stuff we have locked in the evidence room for it to be believable.


You mean the returns.


If he ever tells them about getting his hole they’ll go apeshit altogether.


This was a good one aswell


Very thinly veiled “tell me all the lurid details please @applecrumbled make them up if you have to”


Does it matter?


The hangers on here is really sad viewing - auld lads encouraging the yarns because they’ve nothing going on in their own life… posting from the jacks or out the shed.