When will crèches open again?

I’m not sure how much longer I can last.


A lot will go bust?

We are farming to pass the day…what day is it?


Ours won’t anyway because they’re still charging us full whack.

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Any word on what they plan to do/charge beyond March 29? Complete silence from our place since a text last Friday week (the first day of the enforced closure) informing us that we needed to pay for the two weeks.

Same here and they subsequently closed their Whatsapp group so no update.

Quote your opening post to them and I’m sure they’ll make nice

Can you verify that theyre still paying their staff. Otherwise I’d create blue murder


Same. I presume there will some form of communication next week now that it’s clear this is going way beyond March 29th.

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No idea what they’re doing with staff. They all know it’s hard to get a crèche spot and parents will be reluctant to walk away so they will milk it.

We’re in a community one which is a registered charity. They’re outstanding and not charging when the creche is closed, sadly the staff aren’t being paid either though.

Be a great business model. A crèche with no kids to mind but people pay you anyway

Mentioned this story before, was getting a lift home from a match before and we passed a halting site beside the pitch. The auld fella driving was mumbling giving out about the travellers, then a young black girl ran across around and he exclaims “jesus christ, giraffes and all!!”

Creches wont open until next September.There’s always adoption.

I’m a bit old. I don’t think anyone would take me in.

I’m sure somewhere in Africa they’d love you.

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The co-ordination between the crocodile, the zebra and the cheetah in herding the lot into the yard for dosing here is impeccable. That giraffe wants shooting though, he’s only going to spook the lot standing there, the fella in front is already running for the ditches.


We use a chain. Message this morning confirming they are suspending payment for April. Staff continue to be paid. They will be back in touch before May.

Better outcome than I expected.


Segment here on morning Ireland about the very topic.

We got a lovely text from our creche telling us not to pay them and to enjoy the time with our kids. Hope the staff are being paid.