When will crèches open again?

With this new thing now with 70% of wages being covered or whatever. The crèches would want to be passing it on

It was a couple of days ago prior to this announcement

I know ya I just mean in general. We’ve heard nothing from our crèche but they’ll be fair anyway. They are lovely ladies.

You’d want to stop that fairly fast

What about a private childminder who minds in her own home? She’s not minding them anymore as we’re working from home. Should we keep paying her?

No let her starve

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The Government is planning a focused set of supports, including a wage subsidy, for creche providers in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The supports, which the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) has told creche owners “are specific” to the sector, are currently being finalised.

A letter sent by the Department to representative organisations and childcare providers on Tuesday, states that “within the new measures being announced by Government today, DCYA is finalising a wage subsidy element that will support you as employers”.

It is not clear at this juncture how the wage subsidy will fit in with the enhanced €3.7 billion package of subsidies and benefits announced by the government today, which included a scheme to pay up to 70 per cent of a worker’s salary, up to a maximum of €410 per week.

In its letter to the childcare sector, the Department wrote that it “believes that this new wage subsidy will best meet the short, medium and long term needs of the sector”. It wrote that “we believe that it is critical that staff of the Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare sector are retained so that services to children can resume as normal after Covid”.


Doesnt apply does it if they are actually out of work? They will all be entitled to the 350 pw…probably not far off what they were taking home in many cases and an oul day or two of babysitting be picked up handy…just to keep the eye in

It applies if the crèche keep them on and stay paying them? The crèche will get 70% back then

Maybe. I dont know. Detail is v sketchy

My understanding is if the company doesn’t let you go and instead keeps paying your wages but doesn’t actually have any work for you then they can reclaim 70% up to the €38,000 annually.

There’ll be some serious liberties taken I’d imagine

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I’ve been on the fence about the government’s handling of the crisis so far. I guess they’ve been doing a passable job given they were roundly rejected by the electorate less than 2 months ago. But this is sensational stuff.

Leo Leo Leo. :lion::lion::lion:

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By Bridie and Paddy :astonished: Could you claim something around the €350 with a valid herd number. We’ll need some form of subsidy/fiscal assistance what with fertiliser costs and assorted overheads. Grass won’t grow of its own accord, well not in the required quantaties. Difficult times for rustics… *

  • Somebody has to start the poverty wail…

There’s surely a covid 19 grant for farmers on the way regardless


I doubt there’s much babysitting work at the moment!

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Has everyone heard from their crèches this week? Still total silence from our one. I thought that the government extending the current measures to April 19 along with the financial package announced on Tuesday would have prompted them to update us. Starting to think they may shut down.

Are you still paying, pal?

They may be weighing up if they can continue to pay rent, rates, insurance etc.

I’d have some sympathy for the smaller crèches. Whilst staff costs are taken care of they’ll have lots of other overheads so I can see an argument for them asking parents to carry on paying a portion of the usual fee.

Would the insurance companies give them a pause when they aren’t open I wonder.

I presume since insurance companies are absolute bastards they won’t, but a bit of public pressure could turn them fairly rapid

The insurance companies are taking the piss. Suspect a few of them are insolvent now so they won’t be giving money out willy nilly.

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Surely this is an “act of God”?