When will pubs open again?

I’m going for 26th of May just before June bank holiday.

never again hopefully, the Irish have an awful problem with drink. Public health is more important


I am going for Friday 1st May. New month, new season, new world, same old pubs

Mid July

Just before the August weekend

Couldn’t see it been that early.

Thats well over 8 weeks since they closed. This thing will be on the retreat by mid April which is a shit month for pubs anyway. May will be okay

In time for the Munster championship


The 2021 Munster Championship?

4th September

23rd December.

July 19th

I’d say this will peak in the next two weeks in Ireland and then level out and start to subside, but you need a period of caution, so I’ll go with mid May. This is somewhat likely to be back next autumn though, so there will be a need for serious drinking during the summer.


Mid to end of May at best. Those pints will be sweet.

We need exact dates here

June bank holiday weekend ----There will be St, Patrick’s day parades also.

Why is it somewhat likely to be back next Autumn?

I’d be surprised if it goes beyond the May bank holiday.

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Because there is a good chance it will become seasonal, and also because it’s unlikely we will have vaccine by then. If we don’t have a vaccine it will continue to recur as there is now way we can eliminate it completely. There’s also a reasonable chance it will mutate, like flu viruses, in which case it would become seasonal. The best hope we have short term is that good treatments are developed.

:cowboy_hat_face:The Galway Races !