When will you travel abroad again?

Apologies for the delay. You know id never let another tfker down with holiday recommendations. Its a few years since we were there, 2019 so bear that in mind. It’s not the best of those campsites in some ways but is deadly in others. Youll defo get pints onsite obviously. The actual bar they have is shite, small dingy place, i went in to see q european cup game i think. They have a bigger bar and area beside the place they do the entertainment but it is what it is, loads of families drinking while their children are occupied.we enjoyed the smaller bar/restaurant beside the pools complex. Sand on the ground, good food and a great place to chill.
The pools are decent, theres one near the front thats cooler and deeper so you can swim ‘lengths’ if you want but the main thing is the two fun pool areas and then the slides between them. Should be perfect for your kids if they are between 5 and 12. What age are they?
My main thing would be that argeles sur mere is a big walk away. Make sure you get the petit train down for ease. Nobody likes marching kids around in the heat. Loads of restaurants in the town and a good long beachfront. Find out when the market days are and defo go one of them. They are always good craic.
Around the area is good. Are ye renting a car? There are things waterskiing and wind surfing and a climbing course and even a nice safari park zoo place nearby but no point if youre not in a car. There are decent public buses anyway but who wants to be working that shit out on holidays. I would say defo take a trip to collioure, one of my favourite towns in the world. Buses go from argeles sur mere but the camsite will run one too. Savage picturesque town only 20 mins away. Full of painters and galleries, loads of famous painters went there. Bring your togs and bread to feed the exotic fish that will eat out of your hands.
We did savage kayaking around banyuls, kids loved it and they were young, maybe 4 and 7.
Dont go to perpignan. Its a waste of your time. If you are adventourous there are a shitload of cool cycle ways around there. But it will be roasting during the days.




This is on my kitchen wall, one of those jazzed up photos of a street in collioure


Sound man.
From research market days in Collioure are Sunday and Wednesday, so we’ll try to hit one of those. We won’t have a car.

First time doing one of these trips so children can’t wait (nearly 8 & 10).

In Spain we just rented a car for 24 hours. €50 all in with kids seats etc


I’m going to Zaton resort /campsite in Croatia in the next while…anyone been?

Anyone know are Uber/bolt as easy to get in zadar as they appear from looking at the app? Looks far cheaper than booking a transfer

Dont know about uber but taxis (and everything else) are very cheap in Zadar

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Flew back from Zadar last week, Uber worked out about a fiver cheaper for the airport transfer, and was probably 50% cheaper for other runs around the town itself. Zaton is a bit out though so maybe wouldn’t have the same coverage

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Sound. Once I’d get an Uber at airport be grand to get dropped to Zaton…saying about 30 quid in an Uber…

Car rental prices have really fallen. A Fiat Tipo (yes i know!) for €190 for 13 days in Italy.


The Fix it again tomorrows have become Fix it again Three days. A bit more reliable

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We’re off there in July. First time.

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Savage. If youve any bread or oul croissants go out into the bay and take the kids out swimming and let them feed the fish out of their hands. Theyll love it.

Didn’t spot any fish?
We went to the beach at the back of the tower between that little chapel on the outcrop.

We got an Uber from airport handy enough. You’ll get a regular Uber for 35 euro. A bigger one Uber xl that takes 6 people for 65

Bring swim shoes for beach as it’s rocky but other than that is great and safe as they have it roped off and it’s shallow.