When will you travel abroad again?

I presume most responsible people will leave it until next summer … Will any of you lads hold off a couple of years or longer?

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I am hoping to come home in August if @Batigol allows me in.

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I went last week and will go again soon


I’ve still not decided on this


End of October

I’m struggling with the ethical issues…I object to the use of vaccine passports but might consider lying in order to get one. Would I be subverting the system or would I be supporting it?

canaries in august
canada in september
brussels in october


I’m abroad now (cc @Raylan) and have been for the last 4 weeks.

Christ - this thread drew out the selfish bastards fairly quickly — When we’re locked down again with new variants we know who to blame… Some people are just weak I suppose.


Traitors to Ireland

I was surprised myself at that … This pandemic has really highlighted how selfish people are.

I’m looking into a holiday in 2023 here myself, that’s what prompted the thread… I presumed most reasonable people would wait until the other side of christmas but there you go.

I’m in for a new role in work. If it works out I’ll be travelling in September.

Work is slightly different pal.

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Argentina next summer @Thomas_Brady for work.

Hopefully get over to an EPL game in March/April.

Serious carbon offsetting required.

What part of Argentina?

Wtf do you need a holiday for?

The kids and wife will need to get away.

Your candour has been noted

Glas Zappone will be up in the sky shortly as he wants to keep the unvaccinated locked up despite not believing vaccines are effective.

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