Where did you get your user name from?


Interested to know where all the user names came from?

Mine just came to me one day as i was getting a pummeling in work, and I thought to myself ‘why the fuck am i doing this shit work’, obviously the user name ‘whythefuckamidoingthisshitwork’ was a wee bit long and the forum didnt allow ‘bad’ words in those days so it became ‘WhyOhWhy’

My username is my favourite scissors paper stone move, coupled with the year Celtic won the European Cup.

First website I did was a pisstake out of scissors paper stone (or Rock Paper Scissors in the States). It was called SPaStIC.com2.info which was Scissors PAper STone Irish Committee. Long since lost the webspace I think but it is still linked from the World RPS site here: http://www.worldrps.com/links.html

Actually produced a load of mail to my inbox from people who were coming to Dublin and wanted to play a game or two against me and my mates. Also some crowd wanted to make a documentary on us but we had to travel to England so turned it down.

I like to play football and my favourite animal is an ox, thats how mine came about. What about you Cully???

My initials are B.A. I have had the nickname ?Ba? for years. That?s ?Ba? as in the sound a sheep makes rather than ?BA? the legend from the A-Team. Sometimes people took to calling me anything that began with ?Ba?. ?Bastard? was a favourite as was ?Bandit? and then ?Bandage? appeared like a beacon in the night and became my username across a range of forums.

Just appealed to my sense of arrogance and superiority really, any other considerations were secondary.

so all those reports of you mauling young females in coppers is false?

Well, it is absolutely no word of a lie at all to declare that sam brought a bloke home with him last night.

Just looking back through some the earlier posts on the forum and I came across this one so I thought I would revive it for the sake of new members

For the record (and I probably said this a hundred times) my username is the name of a song by Scott Walker, one of my favourite songs of all time. It also exactly sums up my current situation in life - I grew up on a farm in the country and I am currently living in the city

Clever eh?

Granted I’m pissed now but how I got my username boils down to the simple fact-
I AM FLANO :drink: :drink: :drink: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

Were you reminiscing farmer? Nice.

Brian Tinnion is my name. No other reason for my alias.

because there’s an awful, awful lot to be said for a good pair of jugs.

your forum amuses me very much and i look forward to being part of its future O0

That’s really sweet of you to say.

mine means steven gerrard is number one. main reason for picking it was to piss the pied off. no doubt it worked!

gerrard is a bit like you. Prone to cheating and has found his level. Had the chance to play for a better team but lacked ambition.

Also takes on the Hollywood pass or shot sometimes when the simple thing is on. One particular incident still annoys me gerrardno1 and I can’t see myself ever forgiving you for it. It’s the type of thing that would have had you torn apart in post match analysis. If it’s not right to shoot from the kick off at the start of the game - why is it suddenly the right thing to do because we’ve conceded an equaliser? Foolish decision and it broke my heart to see you gifting the ball back to them like that.

point taken, but i still stand by my decision, the element of surprise! It was just a brutal shot though

How can you possibly stand by that decision? That moment of madness is still giving one of my friends dads nightmares. He has been playing football for over 30 years but has never witnessed such poor decision making in a game.

at least i still have my pace. apparently you’ve lost yours!

What? Fuck off ya clown

He won a European Cup with Liverpool and performed admirably in the final when Liverpool were up against it