Which county has the sluttiest women?

So as the thread title says which county has the sluttiest women? I know all counties have their fair share but which county would have more than the rest?


Cork for me lovely obliging ladies

Thought the Cork ladies had the reputation of being a bit tight when it came to putting out.

+1. I was mauled by a Clare woman in a garden of nettles once. They have no standards.

:lol: :clap:

:clap: These Clare women sound wild.


What a line

Speaking of Irish women, one of them over here paid for a lesbian sex show recently for her boyfriends birthday. Two hookers showed up to the birthday boys house where 7 or 8 lads watched them go at it for an hour or so, sipping on their beers looking awkwardly at each other while two women fucked on the floor in front of them. Must find out where she is from.

Before anyone gets smart this is in no way related to Fitzys upcoming 50th bday bash.

We had a couple of women over to house to perform a similar routine one night.
All was going grand until the cops knocked on the door. The silly strippers hadn’t put the handbrake up fully in their car and it had rolled down the fairly steep hill outside the house and smashed into a parked car.

All Irish women are tramps. But Clare women are just down right whore bags

Surely that cant be the end of the story?!

It was. They had to get dressed, go out to the cops and go look at the car etc.
The cops got a good laugh out of it.

Given your birth on a halting site, I dont doubt that to be true of your mother.

Your mother was away on holidays at the time I take it. Did she ever find out what you and your old man were at that night?

Hilarious. It was in Australia you clown.



Dublin right up there as well

The Limerick ladies deserve a mention here especially those nice rugby supporting ones who would ate your trousers off to get at your Mickey

There are certain geographical locations in Clare that tend to offer a more forceful type than others places such as scariff, crusheen, barefield, clarcastle, quilty and miltown

My List would be

1 Limerick
2 Tipp
3 Tyrone
4 Kerry
5 Cavan or Waterford

Thats some sick shit you’d want 20 bottles of calamine lotion after that