Which Offaly Person Do You Hate The Most?

The man that ruined the nation or the man that falsely imprisoned his elderly parents or somebody else entirely?

Daitti Regan, his smugness really grates me


For fellas from Clare and Wexford to be slagging off Offaly about anything is quite ironic :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seamus Darby


Johnny Dooley. :angry:

Fuck off and die


are you nutters just making up names?

dooley o darby ffs

cowen is the only 1 i know so him


Oh i forgot, you’re a wexford man pretending to be from Clare, its kinda like an asshole asking to be a cunt. :lol:

[quote=“The All Seeing Eye, post: 535040”]
dooley o darby ffs[/quote]

:lol: :clap:

Good comeback from Kev here after the filleting he got from Farmer on the EPL thread on Friday.

I love the way i annoy you. :lol:

I have a suspicion that your asshole is used like a cunt

There’s an awful lot of hatred, anumosity and anger pervading this board at the moment. Well, more so than usual that is. Is this related to the ongoing economic situation?

This Trimble fellas actions have never affected me, Cowen it is.

On another note, the Dooleys are alright sorts.

Why isn’t Neil Delamare on this list? :angry:


Excellent choice for Offaly COTY. At least there’s a chance Cowen might be on the back benches this time next year. That smug Edenderry fucker will still be smarming his way through The Panel in 12 months time.