Who did yer ould fella think was the greatest anything of all time

Hurling - Keher
Football - Purcell
Soccer - Best
Riding - Me ould wan or McCoy
Cunt - Some bollix of a steward at Croke Park


Hurling - DJ
Football - N/A
Soccer - Bobby Charlton
Riding - Huh?
Cunt - Piles’ auld boy for saying the up and down seats would be great - Leinster final, 1991

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Hurling - John Connolly
Football - Early
Soccer - McGrath
Riding - Carbery (Paul)
Cunt - Haughey

I’ll check with him tomorrow
But he saw Stan Matthews playing, and the busby babes

Hurling: Ring
Football: Purcell
Soccer: Zero interest
Riding: Zero interest
Cunts: Cork

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His trial at Marseille must have made a big impression


Clint Eastwood.

Tony ward and Norman Whiteside both soccer

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Luke Kelly

Hurling - Mick Roche
Football - Mick O’Connell
Soccer - Beckenbauer
Horsey Riding - Richard Dunwoody, Lester Piggott

Hurling: Tommy Walsh
Football: Meh
Soccer: Meh
Riding: Carberry
Cunts: Tipp

Hurling - Ollie
Football - Spillane
Soccer - N/a
Riding - N/a
Cunt - He never used the word and you’d be bate sick if you used it. Which is why I never use it on here.
An Other - The electric kettle. He’d get up at six every morning to set the fire and milk the cows. He’d pray that the kettle was boiled when he’d come in so that he could have a cup of tea before he set off to work.


Hurling: Eamon Cregan
Football: Matt Connor
Soccer: Maradona
Rugby: “prick of a sport”
Riding: we have never discussed
Cunt: pretty much everyone these days

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Football: Mick O’Connell- caught balls no-one else would ever catch and kicked 50 yard frees without even placing the ball

Soccerball: The lad that stole the watch

Bread: Wheaten (Soda’s nice but you wouldn’t want it every day).

I have heard a lot of people comment that thus guy was viewed with rose tinted glasses after his accident.

A good player, possibly very good, but not an all time great.

A seriously hungover Philip Mcelwee once held him scoreless - Connor might also have been hungover in fairness

Football : Mick O Connell
Hurling : Declan Hannon
Soccer : Johnny Giles
Riding :Eddie Macken
Cunts : cows that kicked him when he was putting the clusters on their tits

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He was a brilliant player who probably had the potential to be an all time great* but the things he achieved were blown out of all proportion and he is undoubtedly viewed through extremely rose tinted glasses because of his accident

Offaly’s decline had already begun when he was still playing and the likelihood is his inter-county career probably would have petered out with seven or eight more years of mediocrity

*The term all time great is rather nebulous

Dungeon this shit.