Who was protecting Jimmy Saville

Vile carry-on, these people are sick (posting articles that cant be read)

Let the wild speculation begin.

I’d hate to brand anyone guilty here until I read more about it on twitter


Another blow for the contrarian/conspiracy set on TFK

God only knows what they’ll be sprouting next

Katherine wouldn’t want to sit too close to the fire.

I would

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Which Ryan would she be?

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Jesus. Imagine being assaulted by her. You’d never be right again.

Is there a strong hint in the pictures at the bottom of the article?!

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You wouldn’t get many of them to the pound.

They’ll rustle up something to get angry about

Lips either.

I think coogan is playing Jimmy saville in an upcoming movie/ drama. God I hope it’s not him!!

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Vague recollections of coogan talking in an FHM mag article about being in sex therapy or something like that years back.

I’m not saying it’s him. But I’m not saying it’s not him!

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There’s a few names being bandied about on the oul twitter . He’s not one of them

Good to hear.

Who neck is the noose being made for in twitter?!

Gambling capital of the USA and mouthy know it all wannabe guru who’s first name is also the 2nd name of a Little dog favoured by old Irish men :disguised_face:

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