Who wasn't bugging GSOC



Probably hasn’t harassed enough motorists going to Sunday Mass.


High-ranking garda officer under investigation by GSOC suspended from duty


Named by the Indo as Assistant Garda Commissioner Fintan Fanning.

A belter of a line in the Paul Williams written article:

“Asst Commissioner Fanning has an impeccable record spanning decades of service, and is highly experienced and respected.”


Harris will be gone in 6 months


Appropriate initials anyway when one is talking about corruption and/or incompetence.


Wexford man and a good Irish Catholic. I think we all know what’s going on here.


If by gone, you mean paid off and snouted out to the EU trough, I’d say you’re right.



1000’s of Crimes not prosecuted.


Harris will sort that fucking mess out good & proper. He was an outstanding appointment.