Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Doesn’t mean he was lying?



I was held for intense questioning over a prolonged period of time. I knew they would eventually wear me down and I feared that TSG was getting similar treatment. To save us both the hardship of needless psychological torture I gave the cops the info they were looking for - much if this info priced incriminating for TSG but if u can’t do the time, don’t do the crime . The burger was after all of this and was served cold


On line 7 of page 201 of the Tribunal Report Mr Justice Charleton says the following about an aspect of Sup. Taylor’s evidence.

“That is a lie”


I cooperated with German police correct.
TSG tatted on the lot of us at tours corner for singing a song about a Mr David Cooper who at the time was newly deceased


An aspect being the key phrase there. I wonder why Noirins husband commandeered his phone and destroyed it?


On page 188 line 7 he refers to an affidavit of Taylor’s as “nothing but lies”


Henrik Larsson and Mark Viduka…




correct, it was a ballad relating to an Australian national, a Swedish gentleman and the recent passing of a Scottish man that seemed to upset some locals. My recollection is that the same wistful ballad also referenced the english monarchy.


Yeah a great tune indeed and brings me back.

You’ve reminded me of @The_Selfish_Giant song about Ruby Walsh, Kieran Fallon and the late Tyrone stalwart, Cormac McAnallen there


GSOC threatening a criminal charge against the Garda who shot Mark Hennessey that murdered the lady in Enniskerry earlier this year. Has that ever happened before?


If ever a Guard did the state a service. Saved the country a few million


Would probably have happened after abbeylara but shatter and the other fucktards decided to have a dail witch trials. Also, it was pre GSOC so would’ve been DPP


“It exonerated the ERU team of any legal culpability for John Carthy’s death and concluded that they acted lawfully in genuine fear for safety of those in the area in the discharge of their firearms on the day. The tribunal concluded that as far as the negotiator and ERU team knew, Carthy was a clear and present danger to everyone around him. Indeed, the Tribunal noted that one of the two officers to fire on Carthy, Sergeant Jackson, broke with Garda rules of engagement and international practice by not shooting at Carthy’s torso (‘centre mass’) as all police are trained to in order to hit the central nervous system to incapacitate the threat quickly. In evidence Sergeant Jackson said he made this decision in a desperate attempt to neutralize John Carthy as a threat without killing him. However, two shots to the legs did not halt him, so a further shot to the torso was fired, which also did not stop him, and thus a final fourth shot was fired. The tribunal concluded there was no fifth shot as some had speculated.”


Toby the dog will be bringing charges next.


Yep, that was a tribunal which is not a criminal court



It’s a real stretch to suggest the DPP would have ran with a prosecution in the face of those findings. Very snowflake-ish of you really.


seen that, doubt it will come to a criminal charge though


Do DPP still not have final decision now?