Who would be the biggest and the best Hurley makers in the country?

I would just like to get an idea for potential purchases for abroad. I would know Torpey’s, Campion, O’Dea, Larkin, Maher and O’Donoghue.

Willie Bulfin in Bruff best hurley maker around. Very popular here in Cork. Highly recommend him

John Torpey hit and miss.

He needs to keep his eye on the ball …

This is going to draw some fire.

They don’t seem to be doing much good.


He’s in Dromina

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Who is nadine coyle?

John doesnt make them any more. It is the young fella Seanie running it now. You would get decent sticks if you go to Bellvoir and pick them out yourself. If you order them online you will get middling enough ones.

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Some bird for her age .

Did a search there for Star Hurleys in KK and came up with this shop.


I think they are around a few years now. I see the Star Senior is out of stock. Always a five week wait. I still think they are the best, but then I would wouldn’t I?

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Haven’t see these before. Medal Boards. On sale above.

Being the biggest doesn’t mean you are the best. Smaller hurley makers usually give the better service. But then I would say that in fairness…

We used to make them with fretsaws back in primary school

Got a couple of hurls there recently. Lovely.

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I believe the limerick ones are cheaper as they are sold without the hooks.