Who would be the biggest and the best Hurley makers in the country?


I believe the limerick ones are cheaper as they are sold without the hooks.


Where’s the best place to buy a hurling bat in Dublin? The ones they sell in the clubhouse in Sean Moore Park are rubbish.


These lads aren’t too bad



Are you looking for one with or without the handle, Matthew?




Is this what you’re looking for?


Can you just rock into Bulfins and pick one up or is there a wait do you know? Need to pick up a few for a weekend and Shanahan has a backlog I’ve heard.


I hear ye took a bit of a trouncing off Adare Juniors, what’s the story?

From memory I think you’d have to ring Bulfin


We haven’t had close to a full team at any stage. Hopefully we can pull it together for the championship. The interest levels are low though. No one training etc.


coping saw you bollox


It was a fretsaw, what the fuck is wrong with you?


Are you sure it wasn’t a bandsaw? A fretsaw seems very fine for a job like that. Was it a hand tool or a power tool?
We need to sort this out


Normally there is a wait for them. Best to give him a call first.


We used to make them from tea chests mate,
Christ almighty there’s some serious argumentative cunts posting here, it was a fucking fretsaw


Well the next time use a bandsaw!


or a coping saw


If you don’t have a bandsaw!!!


Are you the same buff Egan??? There’s lads here slagging you off anonymous like. I wouldn’t mind if I were you but they’re the same lads who’d be buttering up to you if they met you at a game.


Or pour a beer over his head.


What would be the best site to have hurls / sliothars sent out foreign?