Who Would Win The Following Fight On Aggregate?

1st Leg, Arctic Ocean: Polar Bear vs Lion

2nd Leg, Sahara Desert: Lion vs Polar Bear

Was thinking about this one earlier this evening and couldn’t reach a definitive decision one way or the other.

I’d fancy the bear over the two legs…bears have good stamina

You say leg 1 is in the Artic Ocean? Is it actually in the ocean or on an iceberg of some sort?

I don’t think the climate would affect the bears use of his paws toomuch either way but the Lion would be fucked on ice I’d say…definately the bear for me

Initially on an iceberg but the possibility always exists that momentum may take either competitor into the ocean.

Ya definitely edging towards the bear. I think I’ve seen the polar bear described as natures most perfectly designed killer.

nope that’s a great white

check out this hardy fucker


Suyash, an expert on inter species conflict, reckons the Polar Bear wins 8 times out of ten.


I think i recall you posing this question in the gaff a few days ago, is it something that’s been bothering you lately? If so, why?

I’ve gone with “Don’t Know” pending further information on the age, gender, height, weight, paw-span, previous record in inter-species brawls and sexual preferences of the two competitors.

I’d batter both the fuckers

[quote=“The Runt”]Suyash, an expert on inter species conflict, reckons the Polar Bear wins 8 times out of ten.


See, other people ponder these important questions too.

I was edging towards the lion earlier. I didn’t realise the polar bear is so powerful.

when are you free ?

i’ll supply the lion and polar bear, and to make it a bit easier you can take them on one at a time

That wouldn’t be fair to them.

oh no, i insist

How could they withstand the might of my sawn off shot gun. Bang bang.

you don’t batter someone with a shotgun, you shoot them

To many unknowns

Will they have an acclimatisation period in each location?
How long does the fight last and is it broken into a number of seperate rounds?
Where are the judges from?
Are there any weight restrictions for either competitor?
Is it a no holds barred contest or is the use of props illegal?
Do away points count as double in the event of a tie?

The lion wouldnt get out of the Arctic ocean.

Also, dont polar bears only reside in the Antarctic so a first leg on neutral ground is hardly fair

there are a lot of variables to this…how long is the bear out of hibernation…saw a documentory about polar bears when they come out of hibernation they have little or no energy and he wouldn’t be worth a wank to scrap…also reckon that the bear wouldn’t last too long in the heat…

So, I think we can tentatively conclude that football managers should change the analogy to:

‘He showed the heart of a polar bear to play on through the pain barrier.’