Who's the fool?

any one get caught in a good gag yet? other than the shearer story. my bike was film wrapped to the railings this morning. i’ve begun legal proceedings… :slight_smile:


I got this in my email this morning.

Dear Customer

Paddy Power Customer Service Announcement re: Wales v Ireland

In light of this news report Paddy Power is demanding all winnings arising from this result be returned to the company.

In order to find out how to repay any money you may owe to us, please click here [media=youtube]-fKi3ELw0Hk[/video].

Best regards,

The team at Paddy Power

Brian Peters on Newstalk this morning on about a 500k bout between Bernard Dunne and Paul O’Connell in Thomand Park this summer! :slight_smile:

FM104 in dublin had Brian Cowen on talking about scrapping 2 of teh bank holidays in order to keep people working more.
My initial thought was “Damn, I’m golfing on May 4th”. Then it dawned on me that it was just too bizarre.
As I always say “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I’ll burn your house down and kill all your family”.

Yours etc,

RedFM in Cork saying that U2 were playing an gig in Blackpool on a building. Crowd around the building. Sound not great but who cares…

A fairly piss poor attempt by RTE

Jockeys’ get Royal dressing down
Wednesday, 1 April 2009 07:20

In response to lapses in adherence to the dress code at Royal Ascot in recent years, the venue has issued a zero tolerance notice to all visitors and participants including jockeys.

‘Frankly, these chaps have been getting away with some pretty blatant abuses of the dress code in recent years and enough is enough,’ said Charles Barnett, Chief Executive at Ascot.

‘Some of them go out to ride in all sorts of stripy or spotty outfits and I know we’ve had some silly hats here in the past, but coloured helmets are just a step too far.’

This year, the jockeys will be required to wear full morning dress on arrival, in the parade ring and whilst riding.

‘We were a little surprised when Mr Barnett came to us with this suggestion,’ said David Vecchi, Head of Moss Bros Hire.

‘We’re going to have to look at the sizes we stock, but we welcome the spirit of the idea.’

‘We already had the Royal Ascot Collection but we’ve now made a new micro-sized aerodynamic morning suit, which we believe will be extremely popular in the weighing room.’


That’s the worst attempt I have ever seen.


I’m glad I don’t buy a TV license

Limerick to go in Budget cutbacks :slight_smile:


The Irish Times effort

Electronic tagging for exiles of ‘high net worth’ proposed

ELECTRONIC TAGGING for tax exiles is being considered by the Department of Finance in advance of next weeks budget.

The measure is aimed at monitoring the presence in the State of individuals who claim to be non-resident for tax purposes.

Last year, 5,803 people claimed non-residency for tax. The Revenue believes that 440 of those are high net worth individuals. These are the people who wed be aiming this proposal at, a spokesman for the department said.

Foreign-based Irish millionaires can avoid Irish tax if they spend fewer than 183 days in the State. Last November, Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan abolished the so-called Cinderella rule, whereby an individual is not deemed to have spent a day in the country if they leave by midnight.

Were still concerned that there are a few fairy tales being told about where people are actually living, said the spokesman.

Electronic tagging is a form of non-surreptitious surveillance consisting of an electronic device attached to a person, usually certain criminals, allowing their whereabouts to be monitored.

The devices locate themselves using GPS and report their position back to a control centre via a mobile phone network. The devices are usually built into ankle monitors, which are designed to be tamper-resistant and will alert the authorities to tampering attempts. According to the spokesman, certain technical issues remain to be resolved before the plan is implemented.

For example, many of these people have panic rooms in their homes to protect themselves against criminals, he said. Were not absolutely sure of the technicalities, but if these rooms are lead-lined, they might block the signal from the electronic tag.

In theory it might be possible for a high-net-worth individual to remain in a panic room for days or even weeks without us knowing.

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners is in discussions with a US-based high-technology security company, FailProof, on providing the service.

Some of these are great


Ian Dempsey had something this morning about Dublin airport being named the Gay Byrne International airport or something like that.

That didn’t even register as a hoax, it wouldn’t surprise me what those clowns in the DAA would do. There was also something there being protraits painted of the Today FM presenters broadcasting in the nude for charity and that it would be available via webcast.

jp adelle and ann(who all work on ray foley show) got ray foley nicely this afternoon… ray had sent ann off to run grafton street on some springy shoes [media=youtube]T0KcDuhqjfc&feature=player_embedded[/video] and he sent adelle went with her to time how long it would take to get up grafton on the bouncy shoes…

while in fact both of them with to balconey in the today fm building… in the break between the songs after lunch jp informed the public of the story… (ray had dropped out for anotehr loo break) so ray rang Ann & Adelle and ann started her challenge during the “sprint up grafton street” ann claimed to run into a girl injurying the girls’ knee…the girl took anns phone and started going mad at ray and he was tryin to be all apolgetic…after next song when everyone was back in studio…
ray admitted after teh whole thing he was getting scared of the show been sued by this woman

Clg that is almost completely incomprehensible. Something about the Ray Foley show…

and someone called ann was all I could make out…

I think she’s playing an April Fools joke on us

Thank fook, I thought it was just me…

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