Exiled forum member, humbug, has a little venture on the go to coincide with Wicklow’s qualifier run.

See the t-shirts for sale here:

They are priced at a very reasonable 10 and I’m assured that all proceeds will be utilised wisely.

Humbug? Bah!

Flano you’re putting in no effort whatsoever today.


Context. This is head of referees in wicklow. He is from the st Patrick’s club. They filmed this draw for minor championship. Watch closely as he draws st Patrick’s…

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What am I missing there bud?

Have a look where he picks St Patrick’s from…

Took me a couple of viewings to cop it…!

It took you a couple of viewings? It seems you are as slow as your posts suggest.

Ah lovely.

Pot, kettle and black Mr banjo plucker.

Ah that’s fucking lovely. The brother in law in law is a big Pats man. I’ll get a good 3 or 4 years out of this


Your man will end up in a boot of a car and fucked out in Glendalough