Wild Mushrooms

Anyone interested in this topic? Perhaps not…

Got first bag this afternoon. Flush likely in next few days, I would say.

Only broach because shared information and knowledge can be useful. Secretive topic…


Ballybrit in September is the spot. Also a few golf courses would be highly regarded

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For which kind? Same as my photo?

PM sent

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Are they hallucinogenic

Thanks. Lock it, if people prefer. No preference, myself.

But: god no… Wild field mushrooms, the tastiest item you could ever eat.

Was just hoping to swop a few harmless (gourmet) notes. And maybe someone could tell me where I might pick some ceps.

That sort of craic…

By the way, magic mushrooms are extremely hard on your kidneys. Not worth the metabolic hassle, in my view.

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Would mushrooms be harder on the kidneys than whiskey is.on the liver?


You have me there…

I will plump for the former scenario.


Good man. Same story…

They look like they came from the one clump of grass as you headed back in the way from a near field.

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How do you know if a mushroom is magic or just a disappointing tasteless fungus?

They’ve started growing in a strange figure of 8 formation at midfield of our GAA field the past couple of years. Often came home from a Saturday morning training with a bag full of them

It’s a popular pastime in Poland in the autumn. Every year you hear a story of someone suffering a kidney failure after eating something poisonous.

That’s the fairies.


There’s a crop of magic mushrooms in a wood in East Wexford.

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Derek’s next tactical innovation


Pretty much, it can be hard to get them fresh unless you are covering every acre of ground every day.

I’ve the promise of a few fresh mackerel being dropped off tomorrow morning too. No idea if they compliment each other but we’ll make it work.

Jaysus, sin é tough one. But, first and foremost: never ever eat a mushroom about which you are not a million per cent.

I am not interested in magic mushrooms whatsoever. Other lads can give their tuppence.

There are books. But, short answer: you have to grow up with mushrooms – same as with a lot of other things. You learn more from your parents in one walk than ever from a book. Still, some books – and YouTube, increasingly – are not to be scorned.

I do not think you can confuse (delicious) field mushrooms with too much else – and not readily with poisonous items. The pink gills – running to brown as they age – are significant.

The main problem is a yoke called ‘yellow stainer’. I bring a penknife to snick stalks in the field, which eliminates a yellow stainer on the rare occasion I have run across them:

That said, someone once gave me a package of mushrooms – later realized to include yellow stainers. As I fried the package’s contents, the smell of ink and muted urine – yellow stainers’ signature when cooked – was unignorable. Had to throw out the whole lot – still more acutely annoying because 2017 was a poor summer for mushrooms.

But this thread is not for such advice…

A slab of butter will be the catalyst.


Would only ever stick to your standard flat field mushroom. Wouldnt risk pick anything else myself. Not a huge mushroom fan anyways but a few big flat caps this time of year smothered in salt and butter is hard bet.