With rent increasing is now the time to buy a 2nd property from the bank

You’re talking through your hole. FG refused to build houses.

The State didn’t have a pot to piss in until about 2015 and the demand then was welfare and pay restoration.

Perhaps if the State had let the market do its thing then we would have seen a recovery in housing construction sooner. As it is, we have seen that clearly since 2019.

Now the State are the only show in town really aside from individual purchasers (many of whom are being subsidised by the State themselves).

Its self declaration on value also…up a band or down a band there isn’t huge savings to warrant lying…never heard of anyone being audited or anything anyway

No but it’s no harm to talk to the neighbours and see what they put theirs in for. One high valuation sticking out like a sore thumb might bring the Revenue in and ruin it for everyone.

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Tell your pal wait till November to move in youll avoid tax next year if that suits them

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Which would have simply meant more profit for the builder/developer.
A developer, like a used motor dealer, will quite correctly sell for as high a price as he can get. Build cost is irrelevant other than profit margin for him/her.
That feeds back into higher land prices, and on we go (as well you know)
A 3 bed semi just sold in Salthill. No sea view. Overlooked back yard on all side. Fronts onto a busy main road. Significantly in excess of 1 million euros.

No evidence of that. They could just put the prices up further now.


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Positive news. A joke it’s taken so long but at least it’s moving now.

A big development on a postage stamp site in Limerick got approval yesterday as well.


Phase 1 (a) just topped out. It is flying along.

There’s 8 phases I believe, so 500-1,250 or so new units a year out to 2030 from the same site from next year.

Between there and Castleforbes / Road, they are rivaling one another for the most cranes.


495k for a one bed!

Are they building much amenities and facilities down there…a new suburb in the space of a few years

Luas will be extended out there and a load of new facilities (school, creche, hotel, retail, food halls) included.

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Looks class…finally building our Knightsbridge…just a km further north!

Once they get the pong sorted out it’ll be great. You’d nearly be dry retching on Sandymount beach

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Go with Gavin peppah to toooorkey it’s payrfectly clean and safe. (Don’t mention all the Turks there though)

Good lord. The second part of the relief road is badly needed.

It’s amazing what they are fitting in there.

All we see coming across the desks the last 6 months are new build apartment blocks and nursing homes.

Keep them coming. :pray:

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90% of all apartments last year were bought by housing bodies. (Government bodies at arms length)

€450k for a 3 bed semi in Kilmore is deemed affordable (through a government scheme).

And then the likes of @ChairmanDan will say the government can’t get involved with the property market.


In the boom (I know). Noel Smyth bought 50% of The Square for €295m. So entire worth circa €600m.

Last year the entire Square was for sale at €190m, then €170m…no buyers. It might sell this year for €120m, cos that’s what they’ll take.

The Beckett Building on East Wall Road sold for €85m, then for €105m….nice….now it’s for sale for €35m…

That’s what happens when the market decides the price.

So…let the market decide housing. Affordable housing can happen. Vat, Land cost and developer profit on council land. That will be the market.

Planning needs to be changed around apartments to make them much more affordable even after various initiatives are taken. They don’t currently stack up and DCC are crying out for 1 bed apartments.

But, Hooray for units on the glass bottle site for €600k, hooray, hooray. The housing crisis will soon be over.

“I’d rather live in an €800k house and feel rich and watch my kids emigrate than my house devalue by 50% (which doesn’t matter cos I’ll die in it anyway) and see my kids and grandkids in houses all around me”


Sorry @ChairmanDan, I meant @Tim_Riggins

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