Woeful Journalism


More appropriate to COTY?


I thought your man was minted


Fuck me - the poor woman has a job, kids and a dog so she can’t focus on buying a house.


Complete and utter drivel. Who the fuck is she anyway?


Ray Darcy’s ex wife.


Ray did well getting rid of that moaning cow.


Is that the one who used to work on the show with him?
When did they split up ?


She did yeah — Haven’t a clue- Is her eldest Ray’s child?


That thyroid gland medication wont help with her face.

She was producer on the Ray Darcy show before she got shitcanned to Ian Dempsey with rumours abounding.


So did she .




No idea where to put this but she makes frequent appearances in here anyway, made me chuckle


I know that joe.ie is to journalism what I am to haircare products but fucking hell this is awful.

You’ll never believe what happened when joe.ie tried to do Waterford whispers



You sure that’s not a spoof @Rocko :grin:



Anyone read this at Mammy & Daddy’s today for Pats big reveal?


Pat has turned into a right fat bastard, look at the gut on him. But I suppose it comes with age, shouldn’t be too harsh on him.

He does appear however to be wearing a Slazenger polo top. There is absolutely no excuse for that, especially with the money he must be on. The fucking state of him.


His knees are bolloxed too surely. Sure he could hardly walk 30 years ago