Woeful Journalism



Mother of Christ


Stormzy signs for Man Utd according to The Evening Herald.


The Hearld mistaking Stormzy for Lukaku is one thing but The Leitrim Observer mistaking Chris Kamara for Jeff Sterling (aka Jeff Stelling) is another.


Reminds of this cracker about Bobby Robson

What, the young Newcastle forward Shola Ameobi was asked by a journalist, did his teammates call him? “Shola,” he replied. And how, the disappointed but still hopeful interlocutor asked, did his manager address him? “He calls me Carl Cort.”


I think Jeff is just out of picture there on the right.We’re not that gone on soccer Saturday or whatever its called.Jeff and Chris wouldn’t be household names only to a few townies or bucks under 25.


More of an excuse to post pictures of the delightful Bec Judd, but this tale of the Judd family’s flight ordeal is as harrowing as it gets. Reader discretion is advised…

Everything seemed to be going smoothly when the flight left on time, but about halfway through the flight, a passenger seated behind Bec and her family fell ill causing the flight to be diverted and setting off an unfortunate chain reaction.

“The poor gentleman behind me vomited everywhere — it kind of went on the back of my seat and down the aisle. Then my children were smelling the vomit and crying … One of my twins, Tom, smells the vomit and then he decides that he’s going to vomit everywhere as well.
“So vomit is on my legs, it is on my husband, it is on my mum, and my other twin Darcy decides that he has diarrhoea.”
Chris volunteers to take Darcy to the bathroom and change him, where the series of unfortunate events continues.
“My husband has to go into this little plane cubicle and change him. But while he’s changing him, Darcy pulls the air freshener out of the wall and sprays it in his eye.”

The family finally landed in Melbourne after a diversion to Brisbane, but the hilarious nightmare didn’t end there.
“Anyway we are covered in spew and poo, we get to Melbourne airport, and who’s waiting at Melbourne airport for us? A pap.”
Chris ended up being late to the match and Bec said she learnt an important lesson about travelling with a young family.
“It was actually a nightmare! So I have decided in future holidays, I’m never leaving Melbourne. It is just ridiculous,” she joked.


This gimp has a laughably poor audition to be the new Mullally in today’s times.


Ironically the cunt would benefit from a few pills or the like


He’s only 28.

A weirdo…


The voice of a generation. Just what the country needs -


He looks like this cunt’s lovechild.


And this cunts brother


This cuntbag Prone.



Must be great to be a Mayo supporter all the same. A great bunch of lads to follow, and guaranteed quarter finalists every year with a few All Ireland Sunday weekend sessions fired in. Could be a worse lot.


Kevin Myers was trending there so I had a quick look to see if he died.

Unfortunately, it just looks like the Brits are now being exposed to his boorish, nonsensical brand of journalism.


The equal pay nonsense regards public service broadcasters here and on the mainland is comical . There is a very simple solution . None of the cunts should be paid more than the Taoiseach /PM.

Rud eile . These debates are generally started by well feathered feminists generally bemoaning pay gaps in academia and media. The cunts never address issues in the lower tiers of society .

Myers is a bit of a cunt but he is ruffling the right feathers here.


He’s doing Rupert Murdoch’s bidding here, it’s pathetic. In the Sunday Times, singing the praises of Sky whilst putting the boot into the BBC.


Myers is like most conservative journalists - utterly consumed by whatever imagined culture wars he’s fighting in his head.

Reality is like following a football team as far as he’s concerned.


Female models and porn stars earn more than their male equivalents.

Market forces. Supply and demand.