Woeful Journalism


I see the perpetuation of Jewish stereotypes in the column is drawing the most heat. Also, Myers needs to be added to the TFK list of Holocaust deniers if he hasn’t already been.


He’ll be so happy he’s getting reaction from the brits.


He won’t like been called oirish


An added bonus


He could get a column in the Mail out of it I’d say.


He’s been fired already and the article pulled from the website


The sub-ed responsible should also go


You would think so. Myers must have thought he was still writing for the Indo.


I’d say Frank Fitzgibbon’s seat is feeling fairly warm


You could be describing mulally there


Kevin Myers is a cunt, but he’s honest.

I respect that.


He’s not at all honest. He’s just a dick who dreams up controversial opinions and then writes about them, usually really badly. His sentence construction in that article today is appalling.


Why should they be?

They work in broadcasting. There is lots of competition out there, it has been shown for decades that the BBC lose talent to Sky and ITV in particular when they reach a certain level of popularity.


And their career nosedives afterwards.

The Des Lynam rule.


Pretty much. Well Bruce Forsyth and David Jason would be exceptions.

Incidentally, Des Lyman famously went on TFI Friday around 1998 and Chris Evans kept going on about how much more money Des would make outside the BBC. He then whispered his salary from commercial radio and tv into Des’s ear. Des was off to ITV a few months later.


On ITV, Des Lynam did exactly the same thing he did on BBC. But when you watched him on ITV, you somehow felt that he had declined as a broadcaster by roughly 65%.

The BBC is like a Cork hurling jersey or a Blackrock College rugby jersey. It feels that those who are in the BBC camp are superior, simply because they are representing the BBC. A good broadcaster will appear great, a mediocre broadcaster will appear excellent, merely because they are on the BBC.

ITV is like a Galway hurling jersey or a CBC Monkstown rugby jersey. It automatically bestows inferiority on broadcasters. A great broadcaster will appear mediocre on ITV. A mediocre broadcaster will appear utterly incompetent, merely because they are on ITV.


There’s something in the act of cutting to a commercial break that diminishes them.


It’s vulgar


On some stations you’re glad of it


Delighted for the attention seeking prick.