Woeful Journalism


Des once wrote an article basically saying this. It didn’t matter what ITV did, they would always be trounced by the BBC in the World Cup final ratings. It would be disheartening but then they eventually just learned to live with it and sometimes give the BBC a free run at it. It’s kind of like CBC just rolling over in the first round every year, sure what’s the point in trying?


He’s right about the holocaust, 6m didn’t die.


Nail on head. Giving that number 10


Glad you’ve finally got wifi in the new gaff. Let’s not forget that he was never a journalist and is basically like a drunk in a boozer shouting his vile opinions who somehow got national coverage.


Even describing it as journalism might be a stretch. Maybe he googled her and read some of her columns.

Know this fellow single folk: if someone you have been on a date with sends you a Whatsapp message with the coffin emoji in it, it’s probably an omen.
Not that you are going to die, but that that person probably won’t care if you do.
I received one very such message a few days after going on a date with a very handsome and hairy man, freshly picked off the internet. Our date was, unless I am actually from Mars and have completely misinterpreted humans, really good fun.

We talked and laughed and drank loads. Then he came back to my new flat where we kissed and more than kissed. The next day, he offered to go get me a coffee and never returned.
A few days later he texted me saying he was very hungover and went home to lie down, and didn’t get up for a full day. Our date had been the culmination of a few very hard, boozy nights he explained (employing the aforementioned coffin emoji), but he liked me, he said, and wanted to hang out again.

Next time let’s do something that involves less alcohol I suggest, because the only way to get someone to like you is to pretend you are different in the beginning. He agreed, because he’s a liar too. When I got in touch again to make a plan, he never replied. I drunk texted him at 2am one morning ('Sup?) - still nothing.
Then a final, sad little message, because I am a sad little person. ‘Hello’, I write, ‘are you alive? Did your thumbs fall off?’ and then press send before realising he’d be more likely to reply to that if he really was dead or thumbless.

I’m recounting this pathetic tale at a party when a tall, hot, even hairier Cypriot man hears me, takes pity and offers to take me for drinks the following week.
Sounds promising! [insert coffin emoji here].
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What is that?


The comments :smiley:

TheNewCrusader 2 hours ago
Gave it up on the first night. Naturally he’s out of there

fraindublin 2 hours ago
He played the game …and won…u should check yourself for stds

roboid 2 hours ago
What did I just read?


@glasagusban whining about an encounter with a hairy man.


A one line summary would be; She got the ride and made an article out of it.




Fuck sake


Unreal, you couldn’t make this shit up


Mansplaining is quite a mishandristic term/slur.

She should be called out for that.


I see plans afoot for #wakingthejournalist - expect a truck load of woeful journalism to spew forth


I don’t know which is worse, the letter or the article


@Sidney will be on to explain this feminist view point is correct and has always been correct.


The letter.



Are they writing in accents now?