Woeful Journalism


I don’t know who is worse. The lads who write it, or the sub-editors who don’t read the articles before they’re published.


Jonny Waterson won’t be happy with his sub-editor for that.




Cracking word, shame you misspelled it though.


The standards are slipping at the POR .



What poor hoor is sent off to write this?
"c’mere son, I need 500 words on Mariam Callaghan going on holidays on my desk by noon"
It’s surely the journalistic equivalent of sending a lad to stores for a long stand.


I’m delighted for her. She really needed a break.


5 of the dozen or so people who post here have clicked in already so it’s not doing too bad.


How do you know they post here?


Thats a fucking headshot.


Spot on . I was on some obscure website recently where a poster reported daily on a cruise holiday off the coast of Australia so it isn’t only mainstream media that gives such emphasis to trivia .


He might teach our kids second rate history yarns, but let’s see him wriggle out of this one.




Steve Bannon has made an auspicious start on his return to Breitbart.




This one works on a number of levels.

The link actually clicks through to story about the INM AGM and the falling profits at the group




He should do his research and tip away at a bit of punting on southern hemisphere rugby and forget about the commute. Its not easy juggling the school drop offs and the kick off times but not impossible either