Woeful Journalism


be a gent there and throw up alison “ali” o riordans article about hip young singletons and city center eateries there for the craic will ya, i could do with a laugh


this fucking martyr has to get up just after 6am. he leaves the office then at 4.45pm to beat the traffic. youd be mortified for the little fucker, im cringing for him.


Imagine if he had to get up early!


The media are giving too much oxygen to these whinging cunts for my liking . Last week we have a bunch of cunts in London moaning about Brexit . The poor aul Gastro Gays found the going tough and are coming back to Dublin .


his Mrs. is 100% having an affair also, the cut of the fucker


Hes the spit of derek mcgrath


He doesn’t mention the wife at all.



I can really relate to Ivan Tolan’s superb point about the body clock not adjusting at weekends. I’m wide awake now and there’s no chance I’ll fall back asleep. I know what Ivan is going through.


Surprised that mag is still going


She’s ‘gutted’ to be referred to as attractive while her ability to cycle a 2 wheeler is ignored :sweat_smile:
Get over it love, bit of stupidity is all


She loves it if she is being honest. Chance to climb to the high moral ground is a bonus.


Can they not produce a magazine that insults ALL Lycra clad , road conquering , self indulgent cyclists regardless of gender ?


Anna Geary on the All Ireland - ‘I don’t see it as being uncompetitive in terms of excitement and entertainment’ - https://t.co/P34v08hIju https://t.co/OwNOyqVvj9


Jaysus. I did say the role of the camogie babe du jour was a fleeting one. It’ll be very fleeting for Anna.







With huge pressure being put on the hurling fraternity by adventurous stylings in the world of Gaelic football — step forward David Gough: the pal who said his fade was the true victor in the Mayo-Kerry semi-final spoke truly. James Barry of Tipperary looked like he was rocking an incipient mohican ahead of the Galway semi-final, and Waterford’s Maurice Shanahan has led the way in past years with a boule a zero, but I’m inclined to award the palm to Cian Lynch (above) of Limerick this season. His asymmetrical red fade was the pick of a poor field in 2017.

Rumour has it that Lynchie has the rat’s tail back for the final, as we all know that is the source of all his trickery. He’s going to run riot (if fit).


“Apollo House vigil planned after death of rough sleeper cancelled”

wonder why they cancelled his death?


This is not really jounalism, but still hilariously bad