Woeful Journalism


That’s brilliant.


As a wizened local hack once said to me, anyone can write a match report for a game they were at.


Feels just like being there.


That is absolutely hilarious. And even while making it up based on the scoreline, he still gets the report wrong (Glen winning by a point, when they won by four).


That’s true, but not everyone can write a match report for a game they weren’t at.
That’s what sorts the men from the boys.
Edit. It’s early. Apologies. I missed your obvious point


Poor fare here from Philip.

The low point being the reference to Noonan as a one time deputy leader and ignoring the face that he was once party leader.


Woeful article from Kimmage today with Mayo fans. He can add another chapter next week.,


It was terrible stuff


The guardian has-been unreadable with the Clinton book out but this one takes the peach


Watched the first minute of Owen “Guardian” Jones attempting to interview Allistar Campbell.
Dear God, Jones come across as an almighty clown.
No doubt the pinko tree huggers lapped it up.
Awful rubbish


I’m fairly sure this chaps name is Rory O’Connell.


Jones is a bit of a snowflake but AC epitomises cuntishness .


Where to start ?

Alan Quinlan: Winning bid for 2023 Rugby World Cup wouldn’t just be victory for rugby


France are possibly ahead of us in terms of facilities



Darren frehill just announced Ger Gilroy as the new dublin hurling manager on radio 1 sports


Aside from infrastructure, hotels and facilities, we have everything else


We have all the intangibles, pal, all the stuff that you can’t put a price on, bonhomie, craic, poetry, links with the diaspora in the USA, that will give the professional game the breakthrough there, culture.


And a Taoiseach willing to tug his forelock for our rugby masters on demand


Not having rugby grounds is the biggest stumbling block for me.


Nice picture!!!