Woman admits to making up rape allegation


Any thoughts?

If nothing happened then there would have been no physical evidence to support the claim. Thats baffling.

Do you think the fact that he only got a suspended sentence initially meant the judge may have had doubts in his own head as to the veracity of the claims?

Of course if artfoley had his way this fella would long since have been castrated.

I doubt the girl will face any punishment either seeing how she was 10 at the time she made the claims. Although you’d wonder how a 10 year old could come up with enough information to make up a claim like that.

Its a very strange case. While he did receive a suspended sentence, the stink of something like this is not a thing that goes away.

Was there no medical examination performed on the young one? If there was surely they would have found that the claim was untrue.

was all over a family dispute as far as I know from reading reports. terrible thing to happen. the family of the girl moved to America after it. There was obviously pressure put on her when young by older members of the family and they should be the ones prosecuted now for it. pity yer man tho, his life would have been ruined over it all.


I would.

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[quote=“The Runt”]

I doubt the girl will face any punishment either seeing how she was 10 at the time she made the claims. Although you’d wonder how a 10 year old could come up with enough information to make up a claim like that.[/quote]

I think it has been fairly widely acknowledged that the girl was both put up to the whole thing and coached through it. The thing is the guy himself hasn’t pressed charges and the state are too embarrassed to, in fact they are still claiming that they did nothing wrong.

That’s one of those typical articles that said everything without explicitly spelling it out, if you know what I mean. The way it goes on about her father being involved in a land dispute with the guy who was accused and how she no longer has any contact with her father. It all points to coaching, which is a shocking thing to involve a child in (if that’s what happened). Obviously, I’d feel sorry for yer man that was accused in the wrong, but I’d have a bit sympathy for yer wan too (although she’s maintaining that she made it up herself still).

sensitive area, innocence is powerful and human instinct would lead you to believe a 10 yr old girl in this scenario.
human decency however is all you can grasp to in the hope a complaint like this is not manufactured.

the suspended sentence is weird though.


I would.[/quote]

What Flano is trying to say is that she would now be a prime candiate for him to assault because due to her recent admissions nobody will believe her if she makes a claim against him.

disgusting opportunism by flano.

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It may well be crude but, as Flano and Runty have intimated, she’s ripe for a rapin’.

[qoute]Ireland has one of highest rates of false rape allegations

29/04/2009 - 12:09:23
Ireland has one of the highest rates of false rape allegations in Europe, according to research carried out by Trinity College Dublin and London Metropolitan University.

The study estimates that 9% of rape allegations made in Ireland are false.

It also finds a strong link between false allegations and alcohol consumption and says alcohol was also a prominent feature in legitimate rape cases. [/quote]

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Startling that you can be convicted when the only evidence is her word against yours. What happened to presumed innocent until proven otherwise? Was told by a solicitor before alright that if you are accused of something like that you’d be better off pleading guilty as you’ll be convicted and would be treated more leniently with an early guilty plea. No way would I plead guilty if innocent, jail time or not.



was some manipulation alright to involve a 10 year old child to try intimidate others. but yer man was only 22 when he was accused of it, imagine losing the best time of your life because of an allegation like that. be some disaster.