Women who like and attend sporting events

Any thoughts?

I think Tinnion has strong feelings on this topic. He can’t bear to see women at games where tickets are at a premium.

Personally, I don’t think women belong at sporting events unless they’re performing cheer leading duties. You tend to get 3 female types that go to games:

  1. fat dyke who’s more or less a man anyway.

  2. silly bitch who thinks it’s fashionable because she played tag rugby once.

  3. decent yoke who goes to be seen and enjoys the attention.

There’s a variation on 3) where some sad cunt actually invites his bird along. That’s unforgivable.

ah here under which category do the unreal brazilian chicks that were at the match last night fall?

3 obviously,it’s hardly 1!


one of the main reasons people despise gga & rogbee is that there is always a shit loads of birds there- mostly munters too- if there are too many birds then the atmosphere is shit- birds are only good for bloweys


Clearly category 3

I agree with the sentiment however. Games are no places for women, unless they are women’s games, as nobody gives a fuck about them anyway

obviously your fat munter is shite at blowjobs seeing as you spend so much time on here…!!

Thinly veiled “The only women I interact with are on the Lovely Ladies thread” thread.

I have no problem with women attending sporting events as long as they are not taking the seat of a male sports fan.

One of the most unforgivable sights I have ever seen was at the Ireland v France WCQ in 2006 (I was interested in Irish football at the time), Lansdowne had a capacity of 36,000 at the time so tickets were at an absolute premium and it was the biggest home game since Holland in 2001 and this bloke in front of me arrived in (late) and spent the game with his arm around his bird, kissing her neck and stuff. Disgusting behaviour which still upsets me to this day.

I’m not a rugby fan but it’s probably birds at rugby games that annoy me the most.

While we’re on the topic I’d also ban lads who wear sunglasses to sporting events, was at the Ireland v Italy 5 nations match in Croke Park a few weeks ago, cloudy day and this tool in front of me had his shades on. He also brought his bird. Twat.

2008 leinster football final, dublin bird sitting in front of me, albeit in corporate, asks the following

her: “what do you call no. 1?”
Me: “stephen Cluxton or anthony masterson”
her; “no its goalsomething”
Me: “you dont mean goalkeeper”
her: oh yeah thats it!
me: 37 bottles of cider please

utter cunt had the audacity to jeer me then when we were getting hammered in the second half

Vigilante group anyone?

I brought a bird to watch me play darts once but it was just so I could show her off. B)

Bandage showing some major insecurities here again. Sad to see.

I bring the bird to a lot of the matches. Am I a bad person?

Is he kev? How so?

women, fat lads, drunks, druggies, lads with scarves, etc etc, none of these should be let into sold out sporting events as they clearly have no knowledge of sport.


Some people on here afraid that their “in dept” knowledge of sport might be shown up by some bird. I often go to hurling matches with the girlfriend, she knows plenty about it and would put a good few of the “experts” on here to shame.

So what, she is as dumb as a mule and twice as ugly

In fairness to the womenfolk, a large number of men who attend sporting events in this country don’t have an absolute fucking clue, information which can garnered after listening to about 3 seconds of their inane bleatings.
However, a woman did once lean over to me at an Ireland match to ask me which number Roy Keane was.